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ChoA opens up about why she took a hiatus and left AOA


ChoA opened up about why she took a hiatus and left AOA.

ChoA featured as a guest on the September 24th episode of 'Oh Eun Young's Golden Nugget Counseling Center,' which centers around parents having issues with their children. The former AOA member shared that she was touched by host Jung Hyung Don, who contacted her when she went on a hiatus and suffered from depression.

When asked why she went on a 3-year hiatus, she expressed, "I wanted to run away because it was difficult for me to see myself. When a person can't sleep well and feels depressed, they start thinking in negative ways. From a certain point, I had a really hard time watching myself on the monitor. I wanted to do a little better, but I didn't feel as if I was. I really didn't like that."

ChoA concluded, "I thought to myself that to do as well as I wanted, I had to be reborn. I wanted to run away, and I thought that it wasn't the right path for me."

Stay tuned for updates on ChoA. 

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I'm hoping AoA (except Mina) reunites as a whole one day in the future


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Being in a working group, and you have to live together for almost 7 years, sleep together, eat together, practise new song and new dance, No privacy and always surrounded by members and staffs, try so hard to get along' well with the group that filled with different personalities and tempers, and no freedom in personal life like dating and meeting parents and such, so i guess it was a worst anxiety and depression. The thing is that if the staff and the CEO of the company didnt know what it feel like to live and stuck 24 hours with the same group of people for almost 7 years, and i guess that it was their responsibility why idols or lots of people that lives in the same conditions suffers mental illnesses. Those corporate and shareholder shoul live in dorms and they will understand what it feels like to be surrounded and grounded by group of people who happens to be your coworker


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