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Korean netizens are divided about the finale of 'Nevertheless'


[Warning: Contains Spoilers]

The drama 'Nevertheless' ended, and Korean netizens are divided about the final episode.

On August 21, the JTBC drama ended with a different ending than the original webtoon. In the webtoon, Yoo Na Bi (played by Han So Hwee) and Park Jae Eon (played by Song Kang) do not end up with each other. However, these two characters end up falling for each other in the drama. 

In the last episode, Yoo Na Bi meets Park Jae Eon at her art exhibition again. Yoo Nae Bi saw Park Jae Eon looking at her work alone at the gallery late at night. As Yoo Na Bi felt it was destiny, she confessed to Park Jae Eon her feelings.

Park Jae Eon and Yoo Na Bi ended up dating each other as they are reunited. Yoo Na Bi grows more mature after overcoming the pains of her last relationship. With this, the drama concludes with a happy ending. However, some netizens are criticizing that the drama ending is too cliche and state that the webtoon's ending was better.

Netizens criticized, "The ending for the webtoon was better," "With this ending, the story is nothing like the webtoon," "They need to change the title of the drama," "It feels like the production team didn't consider any of the webtoon stories," "Most Korean dramas, like 99% of Korean dramas, are either a happy ending or a cliff hanger ending," "The whole point of the webtoon story is to leave that lingering feeling for the person you like but decided not to date, not 'I love you, let's date'" "This seems like a cliche ending," and "So she ultimately falls for the bad guy." 

Nevertheless, there were some netizens who were satisfied with the ending. These netizens commented," I hope Na Bi is happy," "I guess I was the only one who was so happy," "I'm glad the ending was different from the drama, to be honest," "I'm a fan of the webtoon but I liked the drama ending too," "I think since everyone knew the webtoon ending, it was okay for a different ending," "I liked the happy ending," and "to be honest, I was on Park Jae Eon's side." 

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Monday, August 23, 2021

Bitna and Gyu Hyun and Yoon Sol and Jiwan their relationship>>>>



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Monday, August 23, 2021

I haven't seen the webtoon version but I am glad the drama version had a happy ending. I understand people have different opinions on this but I truly enjoyed watching "Nevertheless". It's different from most k-dramas I've seen. I guess the common misconception about this drama is always directed to Park Jae-eon that he is a bad guy. No he wasn't and he didn't lie to Yu Nabi from the very start either. Yu Nabi is aware that he's not ready to commit, both are conflicted, scared and hesitant to admit that there's more than just physical attraction between them.

Some viewers may forgot how Park Jae-eon is always there for Yu-Nabi whenever she needed help. He tried his best to be good to her. And when it comes to dating in real life it's not always smooth as you think it is, people are emotional beings we tend to test each other, we tend to let our pride overshadow our true feelings. Both the characters Park Jae-eon and Yu Nabi are brave for taking risks, giving each other a chance, they truly compliment each other and props to Yu Nabi for being true to herself till the end and for Park Jae-eon finally admitting to himself that he loves Yu Nabi. True love wins!!!

I wish there's S2 to be honest and I am hoping for these two to work again together in another drama.



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