Posted by Susan-Han Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Jo Byung Kyu's New Zealand accuser continues to claim that the 'apology letter' was written and posted by an acquaintance without permission


Actor Jo Byung Kyu's New Zealand accuser has stepped up to deliver a lengthy explanation of response, after HB Entertainment published an alleged copy of an "apology letter" which the agency claimed it received from the accuser. 

The New Zealand accuser, who recently returned to Instagram with a series of new posts, claimed that an acquaintance, 'A', began contacting them back in February. The accuser previously revealed that some of the photos they posted on Instagram did not belong to them but were taken from others' Facebook accounts, and it turned out, 'A' was one of the individuals whose photos were taken from Facebook. 

'A', who began contacting the New Zealand accuser to ensure that their identity was not at risk, then began receiving messages from Jo Byung Kyu's lawyer. According to the New Zealand accuser, the lawyer 'B' began threatening them both with an unimaginable amount of damage costs. The New Zealand accuser claimed that due to the lawyer's threats, they were too afraid to properly respond to Jo Byung Kyu's side. As a result, 'A' suggested that they "help" the New Zealand accuser by writing an apology letter, as directed by 'B' (Jo's lawyer), in place of the New Zealand accuser. 

Afterward, the New Zealand accuser found out that 'A's wife composed the apology letter, 'A' sent a copy of the letter to 'B', and 'B' submitted it as "evidence" to the police, all without the accuser's consent. 

Currently, 'A' has contacted 'B' and the legal team in order to clarify that the apology letter was not composed by the New Zealand accuser. However, according to the accuser's story, Jo Byung Kyu's side seems to be using the letter to their advantage despite knowing that it was supposedly not written by the accuser.

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miameow2311,337 pts Tuesday, August 3, 2021 0
Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Why is this piece of trash protesting so much? Isn't it better for him?

He seems really eager to get the harshest punishment

He's really an idiot cause now Jo Byung Kyu's lawyers will have a lot of things they can say in court.

Hope he is equally active while receiving the court's verdict and paying a shitload of money



kupid2,397 pts Tuesday, August 3, 2021 0
Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Wait the people doing this are old enough to be married?. Geez, can't they let go if what happened in high school and focus on their wives?. They claimed he talked down on him etc, he didnt even hit you, so let it go already, plus it's only in kpop that I hear things like, don't sit with us is bullying



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