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Posted by pjms_gina44,869 pts Tuesday, August 24, 2021

BTS's Jimin sets a new record on TikTok

Jimin is well-known for his social media power. Any post of him or by him on any social media platform usually gains huge traction within short periods of time. It is particularly impressive to have such influence when he, in fact, does not have an individual account on any of the existing social media platforms. His massive social media power was proven once again when a video of him was uploaded onto BTS's official TikTok account.

On August 20, a video of Jimin dancing to 'Permission to Dance,' BTS's latest single, was uploaded onto the group's official TikTok account. Jimin danced in a relaxed manner but still executed the moves smoothly and perfectly. His appealing self and dance moves quickly attracted views on the video, with some public figures also showing their enthusiasm for the video.

For instance, Tunggal Pawestri, an Indonesian film producer, writer, and advocate for women, human, and LGBT rights, posted the same video on her Twitter account with just the caption 'Jimin,' a show of her liking of Jimin and the video.

In just 15 hours, the account had gained 17.6 million views, and in 21 hours, it had accumulated more than 5.7 million likes and over 24 million views. By the time 24 hours were up from the time of the video's posting, the video has crossed 26.8 million views and 5.9 million likes. With this occurrence, Jimin set a record for the highest number of views and likes on a TikTok video for any Korean individual celebrity in the first 24 hours.

Moreover, his influence was seen in his ability to sway the public. Not only did people view and like the video, but they also decided to follow BTS's official TikTok account. The account gained 176,000 followers from the time the video was posted up until 15 hours later. This is further testament to his 'Stan attractor' title as he is known to always catch the attention of the general public with any appearance he makes, leading them to become BTS fans eventually.

Given Jimin's high dominance on the platform, it can be said that it was expected that the video would gain a high number of views quite fast. Of note is that Jimin's individual name tag #jimin recently surpassed 59 billion views on the platform. His name tag is the second most-viewed individual tag on the platform as of now. Moreover, combining the views recorded for all other name tags associated with him, which are different variations of his name, he has accumulated 79.1 billion views in total, which attests to his power on the platform.

As of now, the video has 38.7 million views and 7 million likes.

Congratulations to the Social media King for another record!

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taeswife061313,118 pts Tuesday, August 24, 2021 0
Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Imagine being rich, talented in singing and dancing, pretty, adorable, handsome, and generally just a beautiful human being, inside and out.... Yeah Jimin <3

24 (+28 / -4)
Vjbabybear923 pts Tuesday, August 24, 2021 0
Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Jimin always sets record , he is basically a record maker and then other idols will then try hard to get what he has first 😌

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