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Jaejoong shares how drunk INFINITE's Woohyun was when he randomly came to his house at dawn

On the latest episode of Jaejoong's Radio show on Naver Now, Jaejoong's guest was Infinite's Nam Woohyun. This radio broadcast appearance was Woohyun's first official activity after his military service discharge.

The two stars shared fun conversations in a friendly atmosphere revealing various experiences in their life, particularly Kim Jaejoong recalled the time Woohyun went to Jaejoong’s house just to eat ramen at dawn.

Jaejoong explained that he first called him and the conversation went like this:

Jaejoong:  "Woohyun-ah sorry hyung is sleeping now. I can’t meet you *end a call*."
(calls Jaejoong again): "Hyung I’m in front of your home now. I’ll ring the doorbell."

Jaejoong said Woohyun rang the bell and came in. Woohyun told Jaejoong that he's hungry. Jaejoong noticed that Woohyun is drunk; he cooked him some ramen. Woohyun ate and then left, leaving Jaejoong wondering what just happened as the two burst into laughter, recalling this moment.

Woohyun explained that he was too drunk that he couldn't remember any of this, which made the two stars laugh even more.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

That was the funniest episode! JaeJoong is such an entertaining MC *.* this radio show is aired every Monday at 20:00 KST following this link now.naver.com/player/10481

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Both Jaejoong and Woohyun are cute! Their chats are of different vibe with that Jaejoong was with Hongki last time but both episodes are really worthy to watch! Jaejoong showing his warm Hyung character and only the friendship’s genuine the chemistry can be that great!
The few hi-five times and the slogans “we re perfect” Jaejoong and Woohyun chant are really making me smile ear to ear 😆😆

Like Jaejoong, even they are that close I will Woohyun is Jaejoong’s real dongseang!!
Really fun to watch JaeJoong’s Neighbourhood Youth radio program, more and more interesting! He’s a great MC in hosting his own style show!

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