Posted by Sophie-Ha Wednesday, August 18, 2021

A Japanese media outlet confirms Sakura Miyawaki signed with HYBE


There have been rumors that HYBE Labels is currently recruiting around 2~3 former IZ*ONE members to join HYBE x Source Music's first collaboration girl group.

So far, it's rumored that two of the former IZ*ONE members tapped by HYBE Labels are Kim Chae Won and Miyawaki Sakura. However, there hasn't been any confirmation from the agency in regards to this issue.

Nevertheless, the rumor has continued to float around various online communities, with netizens firmly believing the rumors are true. Then on  August 18, a media company in Japan named Wow Korea released an exclusive stating that Miyawaki Sakura did sign with HYBE and will be leaving Japan to head to Korea this month. 

According to Wow Korea, an official of Sakura told the media outlet, "Miyawaki Sakura signed a contract with HYBE and will leave Japan for Korea as early as this month." In particular, Wow Korea confirmed that Miyawaki Sakura will be joining Kim Chae Won, who is rumored to have signed a contract with HYBE as well, and will be part of the girl group that HYBE is preparing with Source Music.

After reading the news, netizens have once again gathered to an online community to discuss this matter. Netizens commented, "I guess it's confirmed," "I kind of knew after the agencies didn't really say much," "I hate how HYBE is taking in former IZ*ONE members," "I'm really disappointed that HYBE is not finding new faces," and "I guess HYBE is taking on more IZ*ONE members." 

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ArmyBlink02,343 pts Wednesday, August 18, 2021 4
Wednesday, August 18, 2021

If this is true then I'm glad that Sakura is signing to Hybe. Some people need to stop being childish and saying that the izone members shouldn't be signing to any labels. The Izone girls deserve more than 2 year career. The whole "new faces" mentality is why some female kpop idol's careers are so short. They worked hard their entire lives and you don't get to decide when they should stop pursuing their dreams.


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tagnol81,417 pts Wednesday, August 18, 2021 1
Wednesday, August 18, 2021

oh now they hate it for not being a "new face", I guess the "rigged group" card is now useless lmao. Realistically speaking, why would HYBE spend money on a "new face" if they can buy 3 golden geese?. This was the perfect opportunity for HYBE because the former Izone members just sat idly with no clear plans for the future. If Minju joins this group, its pretty much the closes thing to Wizone's hopes for izone relaunch, the group will have a strong fan base with strong purchasing power.


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