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Yoo Se Yoon makes netizens LOL by parodying influencers on Instagram


Entertainer Yoo Se Yoon is making netizens LOL with his latest Instagram updates.

On his personal Instagram, Yoo Se Yoon has been mimicking various concepts and scenarios, including one that parodies 'Instagram' moods and advertisements. On an online community forum, a netizen shared a series of photos uploaded by Yoo Se Yoon in which he hilariously poses in a luxurious bathtub. 

With these perfectly staged photos that take after 'typical' Instagram photos, Yoo Se Yoon also wrote an inspiring caption: "The happiness that was inside of me broke through the pains and became wings. And that crying child thus found out that they were a bird. Now, baby bird, wipe away your tears and fly away." 

In the past, Yoo Se Yoon has also made posts parodying influencers with selfies and fake ads:

He also responded to the comments that went along with his parody, with replies such as:

RalRal - "Unnie how come you are not updating your YouTube T_T Please upload your hotel vacation V-log...If it's unnie, then you're pretty no matter what"

Yoo Se Yoon - "I've been preparing well for my baby kkachis so please wait a little bit more ;) Getting late because I want to do well T_T"

Psy - "Wowwwwww you've really done it LOL"

Yoo Se Yoon - "I'm preparing a new set of waterproof armpit t-shirts, so please look forward to it ^^"

(anon) - "Is the hotel a paid sponsorship?"

Yoo Se Yoon - "Bought it with my own money ^^"

(anon) - "You told us that you were going to update us with your next schedule...You're not even checking our DMs...Please respond to us, it looks like you're just chilling"

Yoo Se Yoon - "I've been away from Insta these days due to physical and mental fatigue. If it looks like chilling for coming in for a second to check, I won't deny it."

Netizens laughed out loud at his acute understanding of influencers' typical Instagram posts. Some comments include:

"LOL, I laugh every time I see his feed"

"I'm dying"

"lololololol even if someone were to make me do it, I wouldn't be able to do it better than him"

"he looks and sounds more like an influencer more than an actual influencer"

"this is too smart lol"

"very intelligent"

"lol there's also this one comment that parodies having bought a monokini from him and complaining about the quality of it and he blames the customer's fault for not taking care of it well and not being able to make the 'fit' lol"

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This dude is hilarious



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