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Netizens discuss TWICE's contract with JYP Entertainment coming to an end


With TWICE's contract with JYP Entertainment coming to an end, netizens discussed their thoughts on this issue.

On a recent online community forum, one forum user posted the following:

"Whatever it takes, JYP has to grab onto TWICE. There are not too many idols that have six years of experience and have album sales, digital streamings, and music videos all in the top ranking. But all three for TWICE are way on top. If JYP loses TWICE, that leaves 2PM, DAY6, Stray Kids, and ITZY. Wouldn't it be hard for JYP to be maintained with just these four groups? Also, if DAY6, who has a similar debut year with TWICE, decides not to renew. then isn't the situation pretty serious? For now, JYP should hold onto TWICE. Even if some members decide to leave, they should maintain the team."

In response, some of the netizens' comments included: 

"But if the TWICE members leave to pursue individual careers, do they have anything to do? I don't think they will do well then."

"Park Jin Young realized the serious issue with Miss A, and didn't let any TWICE members do individual promotions. But if TWICE doesn't renew their contract, Park Jin Young will likely go back to his problemetic method."

"If you think about it, JYP is really smart Lolll. If you only push one member, then that member leaves and it becomes obvious that the contract renewal will not happen. They intentionally didn't show favoritism towards any one member, and implemented equality within the entire group. But I think some members could have come out with solos."

"I don't think Jeongyeon will renew."

"But I think TWICE will renew."

"Because JYP closely ties the members together, I think TWICE will renew their contract. But some members might not renew. They're entering their 7th debut year, but neither Jihyo nor Nayeon have solo songs."

"What if Momo broke up with Heechul because she's going to leave to Japan?"

"JYP also has NiziU."

"JYP, apart from NiziU, didn't do well on domestic charts, so looks like they need to hang onto TWICE for a while."

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If the members don't want to be in this entertainment bussiness they will leave.I can see some members choose not to renew.


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It's hard for Twice to survive in this industry individually.. as Twice casual listener, I know Jihyo is a powerful vocalist and Dahyun is good in variety.. But the problem is JYP never let them shine alone.. Twice have same pattern

as Gfriend actually where the company didn't let them shine individually.. But the different is the members found their own way by singing solo ost, and also cast in variety show.. It's never happened to Twice.. JYP put them in cuff way too hard.. JYP said before he want to create another version of SNSD, but we all know SNSD is talented and excellent individually in various field.. But not Twice.. they are beautiful, visual on top, digital monster, high album sales and topping music chart.. but individually, they actually didn't shine that much.. it just my two cent opinion, i want to see Twice longer in industry but I really hope JYP give them chance to appear as individual artist too..


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