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Netizens debate whether girl groups are no longer popular with the general public


Recently, a netizen made a post on an online community claiming girl groups are no longer popular with the general public. 

The post says there were many different girl group concepts that enticed listeners with different music tastes up until the 3rd generation, but the current generation seems to have a single 'baddie girl crush' concept that is more performance-focused which led to a decrease in popularity. 

Many Korean netizens joined in on the conversation as the community discussed whether his claim was correct. There have been divided opinions on this statement as some agreed saying that popularity with the general public has decreased across all groups, while some netizens stated that girl groups are still much more popular with the general public than their male counterparts.

Over 1000 netizens shared their comments:

"I think you just lost your senses after getting old. This is not true at all"

"I do agree. Everyone claims they are the 'bad' girls"

"Uhm...Weekly and STAYC?"

"lol I feel like you and your friends just stopped talking about idols after graduating. The charts don't lie"

"I remember someone saying the exact same thing with 'pure' concept like 5 years ago lol"

"I bet he's a boy group stan"

"Regardless of their concepts, girl groups top the music charts whenever they make a comeback. They are still popular with the general public."

"If you start thinking all idols songs are the same, it's just you getting old"

"All the things you listed apply to boy groups"

"I do agree. I think the labels are playing safe nowadays"

"Stop discounting girl groups" 

"Just because there aren't many girl groups that suit your taste, doesn't mean they have lost popularity with the general public"

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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ruben1,622 pts 20 days ago 1
20 days ago

girl groups literraly getting a lot of views everywhere, really fast


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Buranko90 pts 20 days ago 0
20 days ago

Well i am a massive girl group fan so I must disagree. The person who wrote this stuff had a valid point but rushed to the wrong conclusion



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