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Netizens regret not buying HYBE's stock when it was low after the IPO


Netizens are regretting that they didn't buy HYBE's stock shortly after IPO when it dropped because now the stock price is trading at its all-time highs.

It has been nearly a year since HYBE Corporation went public, and many amateur investors bought stock in the company. However, many of these investors regretted buying as the stock prices plummetted greatly after the IPO.

On the first day of trading, the stock traded for 270,000 KRW (239 USD) per share. On the second day, the stock fell to 205,000 KRW (181 USD) per share. This is unsurprising, as early investors sell whatever shares that aren't locked in for them at the high price of the IPO. They sold off their shares to retail investors, who bought them at a high price. In the process, the stock further dropped and hit a low in November when it traded at around 140,000 KRW (123 USD) per share.

Then on June 29, one netizen shared in an online community the current stock value of HYBE Corporation, and there are many netizens who are regretting not buying.

The netizen who share the post wrote, "The ant investors who regretted right after the IPO...if you're still in it, you're the winner."

In fact, on June 30, HYBE's stock traded at around 320,000 KRW (283 USD) per share, which is more than double the low of 140,000 KRW. Now, there are a handful of netizens who are regretting not investing right after the IPO.

Netizens commented, "Dang it, I should have bought when that graph dropped and was at the lowest price," "I went in at around 140,000 KRW so I am the real winner," "My mom bought HYBE stock at 150,000 per share as a souvenir. Thank you, mom, lol," "The people who bought at the lowest price are the lucky ones," "Man, I really should have bought when the prices were low," and "I'm so sad I should have bought when it was at its lowest price."

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wise-quotes3,335 pts 25 days ago 6
25 days ago

I bought myself some of those🤓.... and I don't regret it by any means😜... 💰💰💰💰 HYBE is the future..... HYBE will be leading the worldwide music industry in no time🧐.... I'm tellin' you😎


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yaya2024,626 pts 25 days ago 0
25 days ago

I already predicted but no money to buy ......WEll I'm happy HYBE BTS great success



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