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Netizens are loving Yugyeom's new hairstyle


GOT7 member Yugyeom's change in hair style was brought into light after still cuts of his appearance on the AOMG's YouTube series 'Hoody's Home Dining' were posted on one online community forum.

In the upcoming episode, Yugyeom and BamBam were seen enjoying some food cooked by AOMG artist Hoody, and sharing a nice conversation. In the still cuts of this upcoming episode, BamBam was seen expressing his surprise at how much Yugyeom had changed, since joining the music label AOMG. BamBam commented not only on the clothes Yugyeom had started to wear, such as baggy pants instead of skinny jeans, but BamBam also mentioned that Yugyeom had finally put his hair up, which was something that had been unimaginable before.

After the release of this preview, Yugyeom's new hair became a hot topic of discussion among netizens. Netizens began to compare Yugyeom's previous hairstyle during his GOT7 activities, with his current hair as a solo artist in AOMG.

Yugyeom during GOT7 promotions:

Yugyeom, after joining AOMG:

In response, netizens' comments included:

"What is this...? For all those years, why didn't he put his hair up often? He looks much taller with his hair up like that."

"So handsome."

"His hair up looks much better."

"Omg it's like a baby turned into a man."

"With his hair up, he really looks like a person who does hip hop." 

"Should've put his hair up much sooner."

"Hair up is much better. His facial features come alive."

"Since his forehead and eyebrows are good looking, when he puts his hair up, he looks so much more brighter."

"His visuals come alive with his hair up."

"He looks this good with his hair up, I can't believe he ever went around without putting his hair up."

"Good looking kids look so much better with their hair up."

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sleeplessssss678 pts Thursday, June 24, 2021 1
Thursday, June 24, 2021

He looks so good! He looks more adult & mature, which is probably part of shedding a bit of the wholesome kpop image. As long as he's not being forced to change, I think it's amazing! Nothing helps a fresh start like a hair change or style change, it really can make all the difference. Cant wait to see what he comes out with at AOMG! <3


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miameow239,534 pts Thursday, June 24, 2021 0
Thursday, June 24, 2021

He looks mature and manly



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