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Lee Young Ji confesses that after successfully losing 13 kg (~29 lb), she has gained back 6 kg (~13 lb)


Solo artist Lee Young Ji confessed to her YouTube followers that after successfully losing 13 kg (~29 lb) earlier this year, she has recently gained back about 6 kg (~13 lb), after she began eating sodium-rich foods again. 

Before going back to a healthy eating plan, Lee Young Ji decided to take on the '10,000 kilo calories' challenge, popular among food YouTubers. The challenge allows the challenger to eat whatever they want for a day, until they can cap off the amount of kilo calories they consumed at 10,000. Lee Young Ji decided to travel to the Kyeonggi province to feast on the province's well-known seafood dishes, beginning with octopus and shrimp, before moving on to other meals including tteokbokki, pork katsu, and more. 

You can watch Lee Young Ji's "last meal" vlog before going on a diet, below!

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11 days ago

If someone wants to lose weight long term, then the most efficient way to do that is to change your diet (and that means paying attention to what you eat, not starving yourself) and work out. The problem is that many people try all kinds of crazy diets because they're not ready to put more time into it by changing their eating habits or regularly working out, but just want to lose weight in a short amount of time without having to do much for it. That not only ruins their health but also won't give them long term results because they do these diets for a short period of time and then go back to their usual diet and obviously if you do that, you'll gain all that weight back and your body will not only feel but also look worse than before.


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lymli_queen4,651 pts 11 days ago 3
11 days ago

people can lose weight by dieting, but the problem with those people is that they don't know the only way to keep it is WORKING OUT.

otherwise it's just a yo-yo. thin when not eating, fat when eating. it's also called bulimia.


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