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Lee Hong Ki: "I Believe People Meet, Communicate, Unite And Help Each Other To Live"


Lee Hong Ki talked about his special love for '1976 Harlan County', the reason why he chose this job, what this job has brought him, and more.

In the afternoon of June 3, a press conference for the musical "1976 Harlan County" was held at the Chungmu Arts Center Grand Theater in Jung-gu, Seoul. Actors Oh Jung Hyuk, Lee Hong Ki, Sandeul, Ahn Se Ha, Lee Gun Myung, and Kang Seong Jin attended the conference.

Choosing '1976 Harlan County' as his comeback work after his discharge from the military, Lee Hong Ki took on the role of Daniel, the warm and pure-hearted main character.

Lee Hong Ki said, "The feeling of being so happy doing this job is different from when I first got the job. I thought doing this would help me. Discussing the growth and empowerment of a friend named Daniel, and this coincides with his return to society after his discharge from the military. I was very impressed with this story, the overall numbers and the general atmosphere, and I felt so many emotions, whenever I sang the ending song. I was sad but also very happy."

He continued, "There are many ways to live in the world, but I believe that people meet, communicate, unite and help each other to live. For the future, I have thought a lot about helping and interacting with many people."

In response, director Yoo Byung Eun said, "Lee Hong Ki thought he was the main character, but all the actors, including the ensemble, were the main characters, so he told me that this show was good. I think things might have changed that way," and represented Lee Hong Ki's heart.

Lee Hong Ki expressed why he chose this job, and said, "I chose this job after I was discharged from the military because I wanted to be a person who has improved in all aspects such as acting, appearance, singing ability, etc. As I'm doing, more i thinking, and i connected a lot with the musical."

Regarding his reason for his comeback with a musical after his discharge from the military, Lee Hong Ki said, "I really wanted to be on stage. I wanted to feel alive, I wanted to sing and act. I'm very attached to musicals, so when the director sent me the script, I immediately accepted the job."

Meanwhile, "1976 Harlan County" is a creative musical of based on the passionate true story of a coal mining village in Harlan County, which became a turning point in the American labor movement, based on Barbara Cople's Academy Award-winning direct-film 'Harlan County USA'. It will continue to be staged at the Chungmu Arts Center Grand Theater until July 4.

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