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BTS and ARMY shine once again in the 6th Muster: A detailed look at the concert


The 6th MUSTER has concluded. In a stage where pink and purple were the main colors, the wonderful young men from BTS, all in yellow outfits combining with the new hairstyle of the hyungs, welcomed ARMY in many languages from around the world. They did it through the most effective way: by an online concert where ARMY was watching in the comfort of their bedrooms.

Wearing sunglasses and a fresh summer style, BTS was happily talking about their story, how they got to be where they are now, and thanking ARMY nonstop for being there for them until now. Wishing themselves and their fandom a happy 8th anniversary, and with the sun slowly going down, they performed "Life Goes On" as the start of the show. Life with the pandemic has been extremely difficult for all of us. Some even went through harder situations than others, but here we are, still strong, waiting for the rain to end and the rainbow to shine. BTS wants ARMY to keep shining together with them, so "Life Goes On" means that, someday, they will find themselves back home in person. Both "Butter" and "Dynamite", the two English singles made to hype up the environment and dance like there's no tomorrow followed the line-up, with the intention of letting aside the sadness. Because in the end, no matter if in person or not, ARMY and BTS live in the hearts of each other. A time for relaxing, taking a break and talk to ARMY was given, in where the project #skyfornamjoon was shown at the screens of the stage, behind them. ARMY also was astonished by SUGA's new hair color, which was rumored to be because of the "Daechwita" performance, and they didn't lose time to start praising his looks. On the second day, the break was about food suggestions, some pictures of the guys related to strawberries, and their solo singles.

"Moving On," "Stay," and "Fly To My Room" made hearts feel warm, so warm they ended up melting. "Film Out" was the one to open the second act on the second date of the show, and with a change of outfits, the guys were looking as if they got out of some paint full of doodles. Blue, pink and white were the target. Each of them had stages and definitely, the one that was very familiar to ARMY was the one used in "Fly To My Room," which assembles a lot of the bedroom that Bangtan has created for them at the moment they were promoting their latest album, "BE". Slow yet moving and cheerful songs, they were smiling between themselves, demonstrating how much they missed performing outdoors, being this the first time they do so in more than a year (MOTS: ON was indeed an indoors performance). Showing their vocal and dancing skills, proving they don't need to play dirty to have what it takes to be a complete artist. After a short sketch, which allowed spectators to connect with the story and concept that this presentation was telling, people could see also the acting skills of the guys: they were trying to fix some mechanical problems on a planet where everything was pure toxicity. Jin, Jung Kook, and RM were in charge of fixing it, while SUGA, V, Jimin, and j-hope were rooting for them and helping them with their technology, all inside the truck they were traveling in [more like a van, actually].

With a little hint of what was next, maybe because of the close-up on SUGA, Daechwita finally makes a debut on a stage performance. The rumors were true, however, ARMY never expected that the song would be performed by the whole gang. Once again, Agust D just sat on the throne and looked around, as the mad king he portrays, he enjoys seeing his people suffer. The stage was perfectly made, and the costumes were also from the era, even though the whole presentation was a parody and definitely, a lot of people might have burst into a laugh. They were fooling around, Jimin starting with the famous "Daechwita" chant, being the next Jin and Jungkook, fighting just like in the MV, but this time, Jin could finally hit him on the head "properly". The killer was a role that the leader took, and V was a rebel, someone who is against the mad king. But all of them got to rap some lines, even V after "dying" in RM's hands. The one who nailed completely the show was j-hope, who got the most iconic line of the whole song and also the fastest one. SUGA must have felt proud of his kids. He gets to sing the last chorus of his own song, and with a quick change-up, taking of their hanboks and the scenario of "Daechwita" still standing behind them, "IDOL" made the entrance. 

Instead of "Daechwita" and "IDOL," both "Chicken Noodle Soup" and "Telepathy" were performed, ARMY amazed by the Spanish fluency that RM and Jimin has shown, singing the line of Latin American singer, Becky G. "CNS" by BTS with j-hope in the center of them all, and surrounded by a colorful and huge stage, a prominent logo of the cover from "Hope World," a Mickey with painting over its face nearly trapped the guys in, making it hypnotizing to watch. A lot of background dancers and kids were the main point of interest, a stage full of people just like in the MV. The staff took care of every single detail, making these two solo songs be wonderful and suitable for BTS. 

 The climax of the show just started, with "Dis-ease," "Fire," "So What," and "Not Today", songs which lyrics just point out to those who want to see them [BTS] fail, but could never make it because they are just not ready to give up. At least, not today. The hip-hop style is something that BTS had never let go of, even though they are considered being part of K-pop. As SUGA once said, they release the songs they are comfortable with and BTS is its own genre. It's important to highlight that during these songs, the stage changed from cool colors to vibrant and passionate ones, like dark red and black. 

Ending the show, the Korean and Japanese version of "Wishing On A Star" calm down all those rapstar vibes and transported both ARMY and Bangtan to the good old days, the feeling of dancing slowly through the room might have overwhelmed more than one. Sweet voices and humming, "You Never Walk Alone" [A Supplementary Story] continued, cheering again the environment. Lastly, the topic of the whole FESTA: "Mikrokosmos" at the final. With the guys talking about how excited they were to perform once again in front of their loyal fandom sight to sight and shared a moment of jokes and cellphones lights, the stage was purple and pink again but this time even brighter, representing all of the stars above us. In the sketch shown before "Mikrokosmos" performance, the guys had finally arrived in their purple forest, where the toxicity was non-existant and their genuine smiles could tell you that they are finally at home. They left the scene in the van, which was the main character during the whole show. While fireworks were lighting up almost all the main points in Seoul, they jokingly asked people living near not to report them, asking for their forgiveness and begging them to tolerate it until tomorrow. Definitely, the angels this world doesn't deserve. 

Of course, they thanked ARMY and congratulated them on their social media for the 8th anniversary, all the love and support that has made them BTS. 

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Armys are still on a high, thank you BTS🤍



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