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A man arrested for urinating on a woman commits suicide


A man in his 20s arrested for urinating on a woman while on a subway escalator has committed suicide. 

The police reported the man who was arrested for obscenity in public earlier on June 23rd was found dead at a communal garden in his apartment complex on June 24th around 4 PM KST. The news was belatedly made public on June 28th. 

The police will take no further action in the proceedings and close the case as criminal prosecutions can not be pursued against those who have died.

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hassina77 pts 27 days ago 14
27 days ago

Why do I see this reaction quite often now? Is this a way to guilt trip the victim and gain sympathy from public after killing themselves ? l see this way often now. For example Himchan's case too when he was found guilty of sexually harassing a woman, the public was mad but when he tried to commit suicide the tables were turned and everyone started sympathizing for him. Another example is the nth room case where they used to circulate videos of children and women being abused sexually, one Korean man committed suicide after he was caught by the police for being a member of that group chat. Even Seoul's mayor committed suicide after he was accused of sexually harassing his secretary. Why all these men commit suicide? Why after when they are caught doing something that clearly is their own fault? what exactly is the logic behind their f*ckery? This is why I never believe when an accuser commits suicide because I have seen many cases where they just commit suicide after getting caught. So yeah buddy suicide wont erase your shitty past and acts that you did. Hope the victims will not blame themselves and recover well.


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jasperlee1,875 pts 27 days ago 23
27 days ago

How senseless. I don't know if it was premeditated or spontaneous decision to indulge in his fetish, but the guy ruined his life with one stupid-ass decision. I wouldn't say I wanted him dead, just punished.

So now we have one traumatized woman, and possibly a family he left behind that will have this hanging over their heads for the rest of their lives. Real shame, honestly.


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