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'You Quiz on the Block' receives backlash for the remarks made by guest Jung Yoo Jung


Recently, a portion of tvN's 'You Quiz on the Block' was edited out due to the inconsiderate remarks made by one of their guests.

On May 28, an online community post was created taking issue with the remarks made by writer Jung Yoo Jung, who appeared as a guest on the show that aired on May 26. Writer Jung Yoo Jung has received recognition for her thiller novel 'Seven Years of Night,' which was turned into a film with the same title.

She gained much popularity and became a best seller with her novels 'Seven Years of Night,' 'On The Origin of Species,' and more. On this day, she talked about how she set the motif for her book 'Seven Years of Night' and explained she received influence from a true story. The writer explained she did not base the story on the actual event, but she was able to set the motif of the story from an actual event in which a man brutally murdered a young girl.

Jung Yoo Jung said that when she wrote the book, she was living next door to the perpetrator of the incident, so she was able to interview the neighbors around the area. Therefore, her story is based not on the facts of the event but is based on the collected stories that floated around the neighborhood. Then she went on to talk about the young girl who was brutally murdered.

When the writer spoke about the child victim, 'You Quiz' actually aired surveillance footage of the child victim and the perpetrator appearing.

While talking about the perpetrator, writer Jung explained that the security guard of the apartment building told her that the perpetrator was actually a 'hard-working and sincere man with a family.' Writer Jung Yoo Jung continued to say, "I don't know what the truth is. When I heard that about him I thought there are two sides to every incident and there is a truth that has not been revealed. I wanted to share that with my readers."

Although the perpetrator and victim had been clearly defined in the actual case, writer Jung sounded as if there was another side to the incident.

The netizen who brought the issue to writer Jung explained, "She said she took the motif from an actual event but she sounds like she has no consideration for the victim or the victim's family. I'm baffled how she just views it as content for her book and got goosebumps on how light she views the incident." Many other netizens also agreed after seeing the episode of 'You Quiz,' criticizing that the show did not consider the bereaved family of the victim.

Netizens commented, "Is the writer's mindset for real? I'm getting goosebumps and more than anything else, I'm so disappointed with 'You Quiz.' No one thought that this content would be problematic?" "You Quiz had other issues with other guests before," "Unrevealed truth? lolol Don't f*** joke with me," "I'm really surprised that this writer thinks like this. When a crime occurs there is so much interview content where people say 'i didn't know he was like that.' Also, there are so many people who are two-faced. You're killing the victim's family twice. I won't read your books anymore," "She was so careless to talk about the story of the actual victim," "I'm so disappointed," "She doesn't know if it's true? I mean the court already ruled," and "I lived in the same neighborhood, but I think she's delusional." 

Meanwhile, 'You Quiz' quickly deleted the scene that the netizens took issue with on various OTT streaming sites where netizens are able to rewatch the episode. However, that did not stop netizens from expressing their disappointment and anger toward the show.

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moons_orbit305 pts Friday, May 28, 2021 1
Friday, May 28, 2021

Every incident doesn't have two sides, a child was brutally murdered we shouldn't care about anything else. This is so inconsiderate to the victim's family


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NORM3,690 pts Friday, May 28, 2021 0
Friday, May 28, 2021

For a case that already established guilt of the killer in court, the writers words were careless...

I understand using it for your book and your book having a different ending but don't carry that over to the real life verdict.



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