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More witness testimony in the medical student death and the father states, "The friend's family didn't step forward to help find my child."


The mystery behind Song Jung Min, the 22-year-old medical student who turned up dead six days after he went missing, has yet to be solved. Son Jung Min's father filed a petition requesting a police investigation into the death of his son. He submitted various data, including CCTV videos, to the Seocho Police Station in Seoul on May 12. The CCTV video showed Song Jung Min's friend 'A' and his family on the morning of the medical student's disappearance.

The family of friend 'A' visited Banpo Park at around 5:30 a.m. on the 25th of last month. The location is near Banpo Intersection, and the CCTV video footage was also reported to KBS.

At the park, friend 'A's family splits up and, after a short while, gathers back together. However, Son Jung Min's father is suspicious of their behavior. The time of the CCTV footage is speculated to be the time when friend 'A' contacted Son Jung Min's mother telling her they have to search for Son Jung Min at 5:29 AM. The surveillance footage appears to be right after the friend made the call.

Son Jung Min's father pointed out, "When I recviewed the video after receiving a tip about it, I felt as if they were not looking for my son. Usually, people would search the area and the nearby surroundings but they didn't. There were also instances when they would look upwards as if looking for CCTV cameras. When I saw 'A's father making a phone call with someone, it just looked like to me they were trying to cover up something rather than look for a missing child."

In the surveillance video, friend 'A' is seen turning his head and looking around as he passed by the bicycle rental station at the park. Friend A's father wandered near the bike path with his hand behind his back. 'A's parents are then seen crossing the bicycle path and the playground before returning back.

In another CCTV video, friend 'A' was seen looking in the direction of one of the CCTV's. The friend 'A' looked drunk staggering and lying on the road of the park. He seemed to collapse in despair while talking with his parents

Son Jung Min's father is currently stating that 'A's father's cellphone should be handed over to forensics. Son Jung Min's father stated, "If you look at the footage, you can see 'A's father making a call. We need to have forensics find out who he called." Just as Son Jung Min's father pointed out, 'A's father can be seen making a phone call at around 5:50 AM.

Meanwhile, on the 11th, police met two more witnesses who said they witnessed Son Jung Min on the day of the incident and secured a statement. They reportedly saw Son Jung Min's group of friends in Banpo Hangang Park, Seoul, around 2 a.m. on the day the medical student went missing. One witness was quoted as telling the police that "Son Jung Min was lying on the ground and his friend 'A' hung around the vicinity before he returned and lied down next to Son Jung Min again." The police will continue their investigation after receiving photos taken by the witnesses.

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123PoP4,887 pts Wednesday, May 12, 2021 0
Wednesday, May 12, 2021

I saw the whole video and they definitely were bs-ing the whole search. At this point he wasn't that drunk but he threw himself on the ground. It's all an act and they are definitely hiding something.



taeswife061312,858 pts Wednesday, May 12, 2021 4
Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Okay, I don't know about you guys, but this is just wrong. It's a murder of a familymember but the media shouldn't be covering every single part of the police investigation for me. It's not only hurtful for the victims family but the friend and his family too. There are people who probably know him in real life and suspect him too, it doesn't help with the media coverage. Seriously, K-media needs to calm tf down, people should have the right to a fair and private investigation. Kim Ou Joon's commentary seems right...


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