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Red Velvet's Wendy opens up about practicing the song 'Best Friend' with Seulgi together at the dorm


On April 13, Red Velvet member Wendy, who recently made her long-awaited solo debut, appeared as a guest on the MBC FM4U radio program, 'Kim Shin Young's Noon Song of Hope'!

During this broadcast, one fan sent in the comment, "My favorite song from Wendy's album is 'Best Friend', which she sang with Seulgi. I heard that Joy cried after hearing this song." 

To this, Wendy replied, "Joy tends to be the emotional and sensitive one of us. When she listens to songs she likes, she often cries. She gets emotionally involved in the songs, she says." 

In addition, Wendy shared, "Because there are harmonized parts in 'Best Friend', Seulgi and I practiced together at the dorm, facing each other. But the thing with the lyrics of this song is that even though it is about best friends, it can give off the feeling of lovers. And I mean even with your best friend, it can get awkward when you're face to face. It was hard to say those things [to Seulgi] while facing her. Honestly, it was pretty embarrassing." 

Finally, when asked if Wendy wished to have the voices of any other Red Velvet members, she answered, "Each of them have very different voices. So I want to try having them all once. Seulgi has a slightly nasal sound. Mine is more warm like spring, but hers resembles the fall. Joy has a very refreshing voice. Yeri has a youthful, sentimental voice. I also like Irene's more assertive, yet emotional voice." 

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28 days ago

Agreed w Wendy's analysis of their voices.

and love to see RV content/news like these, girls are always neglected whereas we get useless posts of others doing basically nothing



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28 days ago

"Best Friend" is THE song that connects the best on her album! Nice to see an article about it.



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