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Netizens ask if STAYC member J is Girls' Generation YoonA's look-alike


The members of rookie girl group STAYC have definitely caught the public's eye with their lovely charms and visuals these days!

One of the most fun parts about finding a new K-Pop group is often deciding which member is your potential bias. And for many people, choosing a visual bias is both exciting and important!

Of STAYC's visual line members, member J has recently sparked up a debate.

Do you think STAY's J looks like Girls' Generation's YoonA?

This is STAYC's J:

This is YoonA, a.k.a the "Yoon-phrodite":

Btw, how about comparing YoonA's debut days:

With STAYC member J's pre-debut days?

Some netizens said:

"Oohh they do look alike. They have similar vibes."
"I think it's the face-shape, especially the chin."
"They're slightly similar. They're both pretty."
"I've never really felt like J looked like anyone before, but when you put it this way, she does look a little similar."
"Sometimes, she does have YoonA's vibes. But I think they're different. They're both pretty though."
"They do have some similar vibes, but at the same time they both have their own charms..."
"She looks a little bit like YoonA + Rosé."
"Idk if they're 'look-alike's, but they are both 'deer' types."
"I've always thought she reminded me of YoonA in some ways."
"I see a little bit of YoonA mixed with Jeon So Mi."

What do you think?

  1. YoonA
  2. STAYC
  3. J
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vivibee1,248 pts 11 days ago 1
11 days ago

they do look kinda similar but not that much.. i think it’s mainly bc yoona and j just have such different vibes so i don’t really see it.


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grifsnax511 pts 11 days ago 2
11 days ago

I've been following STAYC since day 1, I've never once thought she looked like YoonA. I mean if you put them side by side, i guess somewhat... but not really.


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