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11 K-Pop songs that sound even better when slowed down


K-Pop edits are nothing new in the community as talented sound mixers, editors and cinematographers, and more take raw material and re-form them into newer creative products without losing the essence of the original. From fan artists making fantastical renderings of their favorite idols' portraits to musicians remixing some of the best K-Pop songs, the fandom is no stranger to a reworking of this sort. Similarly, one of the most underrated yet commendable edits in recent times is the "slowed + reverb" edit, a more modern take on the chopped and screwed genre of Houston's hip-hop. With this, a song is slowed down, and some digital echo is added to the track, giving it a more melancholy, lo-fi, and moody feel. Suddenly, the peppiest song can turn into a heart-wrenchingly introspective piece, and if the song is already leaning towards jazz, R&B, or soul, even better! This can be accompanied by continuously looped versions of some monotonous animated task like studying, looking out of the window in the night, walking by the beach, or even the aesthetics of a car in the rain, a closed room at a party, and so on, depending on the song.  Either way, it is super soothing and relaxing to listen to and shines a new light on a song that you never imagined would sound this way. 

BTS Jungkook - 'Still With You'

Jungkook's self-written, self-produced, self-composed song 'Still With You' has become an extraordinary hit both within the K-Pop fandom and without because the song's charms are just that undeniable. The original song itself has a pensive mood and a poignant atmosphere, which, when slowed down, amplifies the effect, making it hard to get the song out of your head.  

TXT - 'Fairy of Shampoo'

TXT is known for making ethereal and dream-like music and 'Fairy of Shampoo' is the perfect example of the same. When slowed down, one can focus more intimately on the instrumentals. Every single beat, every note is under the spotlight, as it very much deserves to be. The otherworldly vibe of the song is even more amplified, giving it a whole different feel than the original. The saxophone, in particular, is the hero of the track. 

BTS - 'Louder Than Bombs' 

'Louder Than Bombs' is a deeply passionate and intense song, but something about it being slowed down just hits different. If one were to listen to the song without knowing the lyrics or looking them up, they'd undoubtedly be mistaken about the song's subject matter, at least in the first half. Either way, 'Louder Than Bombs' remains superior, both slowed down and otherwise.

Hoshi - 'Spider'

Hoshi's solo mixtape was a cultural reset, and 'Spider' in particular was especially mesmerizing. As if it wasn't sensuous enough, the song reached newer dimensions with the slowed and reverb edit. It is also delightful to indulge in Hoshi's vocals in this way.

VICTON- 'Howling'

A heavy rap-based song, VICTON's 'Howling' is the perfect song for such an edit. However, what makes it special is that even when slowed down, Hanse's rap is just as formidably fast, making one want to check out the original song to see just how much faster he is in reality. The song doesn't really lose its essence or its original mood but definitely sounds renewed with an added dimension of wistfulness, which goes to show how amazing of a group VICTON is, musically.

Kang Daniel - 'Paranoia'

Kang Daniel already has a husky and deep voice, and his vocals in 'Paranoia' are no joke. So when this song was slowed down, it was a treat to the ears, to say the least. While the lyrics are not the brightest or even the least bit provocative to begin with, but the slowed-down version just somehow sounds more alluring.

EXO - 'Love Shot'

The slowed-down version of EXO's iconic 'Love Shot' is a one-way road to any EXO-L's heart. This song could be played on repeat for hours on end, and it still wouldn't get tiring. This "genre," if we can call it that, hit the jackpot with the slow groove and the positively gratifying rhythm of 'Love Shot.'

(G)I-DLE - 'Oh My God'

The exact reaction to the slowed-down version of this song is none other than the title itself, "oh my God." This edit is truly unbelievable in the sense that it was impossible to think that this song could get any better. While the pace of the original is undoubtedly copacetic, the slowed-down version is worth playing on repeat too.

- 'Nillili Mambo'

Who doesn't miss BLOCK B, especially when they were consistently making iconic bops on the daily? 'Nillili Mambo' is one of their most popular hits, and it truly showcased their signature original sound that still remains inimitable. When slowed down, it sounds like it belongs to a movie soundtrack, without a doubt. 

ATEEZ - 'Black Cat Nero'

It is very well known both in the realm of critics and fans that ATEEZ's 'Black Cat Nero' is one of the best renditions of the classic Turbo song. It has all the energy and fire of the original and the edginess and thrill of ATEEZ. It quite literally could not get any better, or so one would think until they listen to the slowed-down version. 

The Boyz - 'Scar'

The slowed version of The Boyz' mega-hit song 'Scar' retains all the great qualities of the original, turning it a notch higher when it comes to the heat factor. This might be one of those rare cases where the slowed-down version actually sounds better than the original as you feel the rhythm run from your head to your toes, and you can't help but mindlessly sway to the beat.  

  1. ATEEZ
  2. Block B
  3. BTS
  4. V
  5. Jungkook
  6. EXO
  7. (G)I-DLE
  8. Hoshi
  9. The Boyz
  10. TXT
  11. VICTON
  12. Kang Daniel
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