Posted by Sophie-Ha Tuesday, February 23, 2021

(G)I-DLE member Minnie's brother receives backlash after leaving a tweet in support of Soojin


There has been much commotion in the K-Pop industry as there have been multiple instances in which idol group members were identified as perpetrators of school bullying.

Among these controversies, (G)I-DLE's Soojin has been gaining the most attention as the member herself posted a statement admitting to trying out cigarettes underage but denied all the other allegations.

Since then, there have been many discussions in various online communities. After the controversy surfaced, fellow (G)I-DLE member Minnie's older brother left a tweet supporting Soojin. He asked many netizens to support Soojin and supported her, saying, "Just ignore the rumors and fake news."

Although the tweet was left with good intent to support the young idol member, there has been much backlash. Hence, Minnie's brother quickly deleted the tweet. Still, many netizens were able to take captures of it and share it on various online communities.

Korean netizens gathered to one of the communities where this tweet was shared. The commented, "That's not smart," "I mean Minnie is keeping silent, but her brother is making a fuss," "He should have given some thought before posting," "Man, he should have kept silent," "I get how he feels, but this doesn't help in the current situation," "This is another way to bring slander to the group," "What is this," "He's pouring gas on to the fire," and "Now Minnie is getting malicious comments because of this."

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xrize420 pts Tuesday, February 23, 2021 3
Tuesday, February 23, 2021

This guy is his own person, and minnie is a separate human being. If he supports soojin that's his choice. It's not making things worse for anyone. If anyone is making anything bad, it's retard "netizens" who post on the internet against people without evidence. Hearsay is not evidence. If soojin doesn't admit to bullying, and the accuser doesn't have evidence, it's no different from claiming there's aliens on mars. No aliens have come forth so admit it's true, and those who claim aliens exist have no evidence that aliens exist. This is such an elementary concept but adults are going back to the idiocy of the days when people got killed for being "witches". I "heard this" or I "saw this", "believe me", "why would I lie?" None of these are sufficient types of evidence. If you believe every single accusation sure sometimes you will be right, but you'll always be hurting innocent people too. Just be patient and shut the hell up until something is proven. It's all fun and games until someone accuses YOU of something you didn't do and then people jump on the bandwagon and rip you apart just because.

He should have been strong and not deleted anything. Would Minnie really mind if people came at her with thousands of comments she won't read if it meant she's protecting her close friend who she believes is innocent? I doubt it. Unless soojin quits the group they're all "guilty" of supporting soojin regardless. There's no escape otherwise. What is Minnie not going to hug or play around with her on camera anymore? Get real. They're friends and her brother cannot possibly make Minnies association with Soojin any worse.


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vivibee1,422 pts Tuesday, February 23, 2021 2
Tuesday, February 23, 2021

honestly i’m just tired of this whole situation. i’m not gonna form any opinions until real SOLID proof comes out abt what’s going on, i’m not gonna blindly believe a possible victim or a possible bully. as someone who adores many of the ppl who got accused, i rlly have nothing to say and i just hope ppl aren’t just randomly hating on the possible victims or bullies.


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