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BTS’s Jimin goes viral and captivates media, celebrities, fans and locals around the world with his ‘MTV Unplugged’ performance


“Jimin in particular dazzled with his aching falsetto.”

On February 24, Grammy-nominated artists BTS once again shook the world as they gave out yet another exceptional performance on “MTV Unplugged”. Member, main dancer and lead vocalist Park Jimin kicked off the show with his ethereal visuals and dazzling charms.

BTS performed five songs from their fifth album BE including Telepathy, Blue & Grey, Life Goes On and Dynamite and surprised everyone with a very beautiful cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You”. All seven members showed off their best.

Member, main dancer and lead vocalist Park Jimin demonstrated his wide vocal range by “jiminifying” all five songs with different vocal styles, all gorgeous and perfectly done.

Consequently, Jimin earned many mentions and praises from major media outlets. Here are some:

  1. • Forbes

  2. In Forbes’ review of BTS ‘MTV Unplugged’ set, the U.S. media praised Jimin’s falsetto during “Blue & Grey” and stated “Jimin in particular dazzled with his aching falsetto.”

  1. • Variety

  2. Variety also quickly reported and mentioned that the three-part harmony of RM, Jin and Jimin is the highlight of BTS’s “Fix You” performance during MTV Unplugged.
  1. The media also highlighted the personal reflections offered by Jimin about his experiences as an artist and a person through the pandemic. They quoted Jimin as, “I think many of us are spending time thinking, “What am I doing?” The situation where we can’t see each other is very difficult for us and makes us question what we’re doing. However, we have one another so I hope we can keep moving without giving up. We always appreciate and love you, ARMY.”

  2. • Consequence of Sound

    Consequence of Sound likewise praised Jimin’s vocals along with member Jin. According to the media, “Jimin and Jin also soared in their upper registers (during Blue & Grey performance), offering lush harmonies throughout.

  3. • Billboard

    Meanwhile, Billboard enumerated the 5 Best Moments in BTS’s MTV Unplugged which includes the iconic cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You”. In doing so, Billboard quoted Jimin as he explained what the song has meant for the group. Jimin said, “The song gave us comfort, so we wanted to prepare this cover to comfort you as well.

  4. • Konbini France

  5. French media Konbini also reported about the performance and used one of Jimin’s MTV Unplugged performance photo as its thumbnail.

MTV UK, which has been recently showing its affection for Jimin by posting several tweets about him, has started the next day by posting a gif of Jimin with a “Good Morning” greeting.

MTV also updated its official Instagram account with a post about Jimin.

Some celebrities and respectable personalities also selected Jimin as the one who caught their attention the most while expressing their amazement on Twitter.

The locals, referring to non-fans, took their admiration and curiosity to Twitter asking for the “guy with the golden mic”.

A post about Jimin in a Korean online community has also gained attention praising his vocals and visuals. Some of the comments from the netizens are:

“Jimin is really the best today. Park Jimin is genius and my singer.”

“Today Jimin was the best on stage. I was enchanted.”

“The voice of Jimin is truly unique that I have never heard of anywhere. His face and appearance are very beautiful and he is really good live.”

“Jimin is so pretty today and he is also the best on stage.”

Finally, the fans also expressed their love and support for Jimin. Hence, Jimin immediately trended in the USA after his performance because “From his vocals to his hair, ARMY is loving everything Jimin during BTS’ performance on MTV Unplugged.” He also trended in other countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and Canada.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

“Jimin in particular dazzled with his aching falsetto.”

That’s our KPop King! 💜👑



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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Park Jimin sounds heavenly as usual 💛



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