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Amidst the numerous allegations of celebrity school bullying, LOONA's Chuu is also accused of being a bully


LOONA's Chuu has also been embroiled in allegations of being a school bully.

On February 22nd, a netizen created a post on Nate Pann, a popular online community forum, claiming that they too have been bullied by LOONA's Chuu. In the post, the netizen claimed they were bullied by the idol girl group member back in Junior High school and posted their yearbook as evidence to prove she attended the same school.

The netizen who created the post stated that she was ostracized by Chuu while attending Junior High school. The netizen claimed, "Chuu would invite me to a group chat to curse and threaten me. There were times when she stopped me in front of the school and cursed at me when I was just trying to go home."

The netizen continued to write, "after that. I couldn't even go to the lunchroom, so I stayed alone in the classroom. When our homeroom teacher asked me what was wrong, I couldn't say anything at that time. I feel pathetic that I didn't gather any evidence of that time because I didn't want to think back to that time."

The person who created the post went on to say that there was a time when she asked Chuu why she was bullying her. The netizen explained, "I asked what was the reason she was bothering me. She said that there were times we used to hang out in front of her house in the parking lot and Kim Ji Woo (Chuu) said that she had to go home early. So I said, 'Your mom must worry about you a lot.' She said those words bothered her."

The netizen further explained that Chuu would steal her items and would ridicule her by saying she smells and making fun of her in front of the whole class. The netizen said, "Chuu didn't hit me or take money from me as the other celebrities, but this is part of school bullying. The people who say Chuu doesn't look like a person that would do that are harming the victims again."

On the post, another netizen stepped forward to claim that Chuu had bullied her in school as well. The second netizen who left the comment wrote. "I was wondering why there wasn't anything about Chuu being a bully. To be honest, I also graduated from the same middle school as Chuu and was in the same class as her. And I was also bullied...Bullying doesn't only mean the perpetrator hit the victim. Kim Ji Woo is so good at maintaining her image, so the people who don't know about her won't know she was a bully. But there were a lot of kids who she bullied. She's the worse. She uses other people to ostracize the victim and threaten them. I was in the same class as her for two years and I really felt like dying then. After I told our homeroom teacher that Chuu bullied me and all I did was write a testimony, but the school didn't do anything. Starting from the second or third year of school, she started to try to change her image, saying she was going to become a singer. There so many other things that can prove that she was a bully. She might be a good friend to her friend, but to her victims, she's horrifying."

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bobohulove1,175 pts Monday, February 22, 2021 4
Monday, February 22, 2021

Wtf is going on


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I_said_what_I_sa3,554 pts Monday, February 22, 2021 9
Monday, February 22, 2021

There’s so many BRU 💀😐 I would like if the international fans chill out a bit because I noticed these idols are getting so much more hate because they keep angering knetz. let’s not forget that’s these idols have to work mainly in Korea. Pissing off the main targets is not gonna help. Let the company handle these things.


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