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Posted by sone-nctzen-mys219 pts Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Top Visuals of SM Entertainment over the years


SM Entertainment, established in 1995, is one of the best entertainment companies in terms of producing K-POP idols, they are also famous for their artist's vocal prowess. When it comes to the visual line up, SM Entertainment is top-notch. Remember, SM Entertainment was the company that pioneered the visual position in K-POP. Over the near 26-year history of the company, there have been many top visuals. Here are 23 top visuals of SM Entertainment over the years:

1. "Kangta" of H.O.T.

2. "Eric" of SHINHWA

3. "Eugene" of S.E.S.

4. "Bomi" of M.I.L.K.

5. "Lina" of The Grace

6. "Jaejoong" of TVXQ

7. "Siwon" of Super Junior

8. "YoonA" of Girl’s Generation

9. "Minho" of SHINee

10. "Krystal"  of f(x)

11. "Kai" of EXO

12. "Luhan" of EXO

13. "Sehun" of EXO

14. "Chanyeol" of EXO

15. "Irene" of Red Velvet

16. "Taeyong" of NCT

17. "WinWin" of NCT 

18. "Jaehyun" of NCT

19. "Jaemin" of NCT

20. "Jeno" of NCT

21. "Hendery" of NCT

22. "Lucas" of NCT

23. "Winter" of aespa 

  1. aespa
  2. Winter
  3. EXO
  4. Sehun
  5. Kai
  6. Chanyeol
  7. Luhan
  8. f(x)
  9. Krystal
  10. Girls' Generation
  11. YoonA
  12. H.O.T
  13. Kangta
  14. NCT
  15. Taeyong
  16. Jeno
  17. Jaehyun
  18. Lucas
  19. Jaemin
  20. Winwin
  21. WayV
  22. NCT Dream
  23. Red Velvet
  24. Irene
  25. S.E.S
  26. Bada
  27. SHINee
  28. Minho
  29. Shinhwa
  30. Eric
  31. Super Junior
  32. Siwon
  33. TVXQ
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2ne1dara41,206 pts Wednesday, January 27, 2021 4
Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Disagree with some 'names' of that list. I'm ONLY AGREE with YoonA, Siwon, Minho, Lina and some more as the TRUE OFFICIAL VISUALS of their respective groups. The rest are center or face or just members of their groups, no true official visuals.
There is ONLY 1 visual, ONLY 1 center and ONLY 1 face for each group
, there are exceptions such as fx and exo where the official visuals left their groups so another member will take their positions as official visual of group.
Let's check 5 SM kpop groups: Who is Visual? who is Center and who is Face of each group?

snsd VISUAL is only YOONA, she is also Nation Visual, The Queen Visual of All the Visuals.
snsd CENTER is only YOONA, she is also Nation Center, The Queen Center of All the Centers
snsd FACE is only YOONA, she is also Nation's Fce, The Queen Face of all The faces of kpop groups
suju VISUAL is only SIWON
suju CENTER is only DONGHAE
suju FACE is only DONGHAE
shinee VISUAL is only MINHO
shinee CENTER is only TAEMIN
shinee FACE was JONGHYUN, he passed away, RIP. Now is TAEMIN
fx VISUAL was SULLI (ot5), then sulli left fx. Now is KRYSTAL
fx CENTER was only KRYSTAL
fx FACE was only KRYSTAL
exo-k VISUAL was LUHAN (OT12), luhan left exo. Now is SEHUN
exo-k CENTER is only KAI
exo-k FACE is KAI

Nice day to everyone


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khun2pm772 pts Wednesday, January 27, 2021 8
Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Akp needs to know that The Visual, The Center y The Face of group are 3 very DIFFERENT POSITIONS in groups


in snsd; YOONA is Visual of group, Center of group and also Face of group.

in exo-k; LUHAN was Visual of group, his successor is SEHUN. ...while KAI is center and face of group.

in f(x): SULLI was Visual of group , her successor is KRYSTAL. but KRYSTAL is/was also center and face of group.

in super junior; SIWON is Visual of group, DONGHAE is center and face of group.

in the grace: LINA was Visual of group, STEPHANIE was center of group


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