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Viewers think Gugudan Kim Se Jung's acting in her new OCN series 'The Uncanny Counter' is easily better than most rookie actresses


Cable broadcasting station OCN's newest Sat-Sun drama series 'The Uncanny Counter' set a historical new record this past weekend, as episode 6 aired back on December 13 recorded an average viewership rating of 7.7% for all of Korea.

This marked the highest viewership rating for any program ever in OCN's history. Some time after the new series premiered back in November, it became a hot topic as people began raving about the drama's quality, action, and storyline via word-of-mouth. Interest toward 'The Uncanny Counter' is now higher than ever, with more and more viewers flocking to OCN as well as Netflix, where it is being streamed internationally, to check out what the buzz is all about. 

The 'Uncanny Counter' stars Jo Byung Kyu, Yoo Joon SangKim Se Jung, and Yeom Hye Ran and is based off of a popular webtoon series of the same name. Of the drama's lead cast members, Gugudan member/actress Kim Se Jung is garnering massive attention from both drama fans and K-Pop fans for her explosive acting. 

According to the producers of 'The Uncanny Counter', the drama's two young lead actors Jo Byung Kyu and Kim Se Jung are carrying out most of their action and fighting scenes without the help of stunt doubles. 

Many viewers of 'The Uncanny Counter' have so far praised Kim Se Jung's great action scenes, totally charmed by her girl-crush side. 

Outside of her action scenes, Kim Se Jung's character Do Ha Na also has a complicated, traumatic past story. Viewers are absolutely approving the way Kim Se Jung is pulling off the character Do Ha Na so far, with her tone, her facial expressions, and emotions all lining up with Do Ha Na perfectly. 

Particularly, one netizen pointed out on an online community, 

"Most idols who try to act get crap for their poor skills because most of them just want to look pretty or handsome on camera, they pass off the most minimum amount of effort as acting. But Kim Se Jung doesn't just match up with real actresses... no she's easily better than most rookie actresses her age these days..."

Others commented in agreement, 

"Kim Se Jung's action videos on YouTube are going viral right now. I heard this drama apparently set some historical record recently? Kim Se Jung is the one doing it."
"I'm watching this drama because of Se Jung."
"This series is so good and Se Jung's acting is literally so on point."
"She is so bad ass in this series, I love it."
"At first, since this is a drama version of a webtoon that has superpowers and stuff, I thought it would be cheesy but it's so well done and all of the actors are so good, it really works."
"Se Jung was always a good actress but I think she got even better with this series."
"If you want hours and hours of your time to disappear instantly, marathon this series."
"At first I literally didn't recognize her, I just thought it was some rookie actress."
"My jaw literally dropped watching her in this. And her character is the completely opposite of her real personality, it's crazy how she pulls it off."

And more! Have you been keeping up with OCN's 'The Uncanny Counter', also streaming worldwide on Netflix?

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wassupbitches154 pts Wednesday, December 16, 2020 0
Wednesday, December 16, 2020

I mean...she was already better than some of the overrated idol actresses when she played main lead character in the drama School 2017.



yvangelica7,316 pts Wednesday, December 16, 2020 0
Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Yes, she is doing a great job. I love the series so far, and once again, Jo Byung Kyu showing his amazing acting skills.



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