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Top 12 Best Magazine Covers featuring K-pop Idols


It’s become a trend for fans to edit magazine pictorials of their favorite idols. If you’re looking for inspiration or just a magazine junkie, here is a list of twelve of the most stunning Kpop magazine covers!

1. MAPS: HyunA & Dawn

HyunA and Dawn stirred up the Kpop industry with their couple announcement, but since then have received great love and acceptance from fans worldwide. In this cover, Hyuna and Dawn show their great chemistry!

2. Time: BTS

BTS is known as the record-breaking Kpop group that took the world by storm. This Time Magazine Collector’s Edition cover shows BTS in a vintage Gatsby-style as they show their success!

3. Allure: Jihyo

Jihyo’s orange blush and eyeshadow make her features pop on this Allure cover!

4. Allure: JB

JB gives off-the-rail Joker vibes in this green-toned Allure cover. Not all men can pull off long hair, but JB rocks the look perfectly!

5. Vogue: IZ*ONE

Netizens may have had mixed feelings about IZ*ONE’s styling for this Vogue cover, but most people can agree that the looks were risky and unique, showing off the beauty in what isn’t considered traditionally beautiful.

6. Vogue: Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo’s popularity has been on a never-ending rise, and he looks dark and sultry in this red-themed Vogue cover.

7. Vogue: Jennie

Jennie looks like a wealthy heiress from a K-drama as she holds up an adorable chocolate pomeranian in this Vogue cover! Blinks are just waiting for the day she dips her toe into the field of acting.

8. W Magazine: Xiumin

With blood dripping down his fingers, Xiumin looks dangerous yet seductive in this bright white W Magazine cover.

9. Men’s Health: Jay Park

Jay Park’s toned body is no secret among fans, but working out for health purposes is equally important for aesthetic purposes. In this Men’s Health cover, Jay Park shares his workout tips and secrets!

10. Men’s Health: Henry Lau

Super Junior M’s Henry looks strong and rugged in this Men’s Health cover!

11. ELLE: Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang shows off his trim waist and “Team Wang” abdomen tattoo in this ELLE magazine cover, representing his love for his fans!

12. Nylon: Jung sisters

Jung sisters Krystal and Jessica look fabulous in their dresses on this black and white cover.

  1. BTS
  2. Cheng Xiao
  3. Dawn (E'Dawn)
  4. Xiumin
  5. (Jay B) JB
  6. Jackson
  7. IZ*ONE
  8. Jay Park
  9. Henry
  10. Jihyo
  11. UNIQ
  12. HyunA
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sejun-the-great2,588 pts Tuesday, December 8, 2020 0
Tuesday, December 8, 2020

My favorites are the ones with Jungsis and Jackson! The others are good too!



yvangelica8,736 pts Tuesday, December 8, 2020 0
Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Jackson wang cover was simply awesome.. I love it.



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