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Park Hyun Ho (Topp Dogg's Seogoong) confesses he felt bullied by members & tried to jump out a window


Park Hyun Ho, formerly known as Topp Dogg's Seogoong, confessed he felt bullied by his former members and tried to jump out of a window.

In a now-deleted video on the 'Idol Olympics' YouTube channel, Park Hyun Ho revealed he went through hard times as a member of Topp Dogg, now known as Xeno-T. He expressed, "When I was promoting as Topp Dogg, I thought my whole dream came true. I don't think the members always got along. I used to think that if someone gets the spotlight for the team, even if it's not me, it was good enough. That sparked some issues and the so-called 'bullying.'" 

Park Hyun Ho further revealed he had to leave the group despite the fact that he loved performing on stage. He explained, "As for the decision to leave, it happened when everyone brutally voted, including myself, to the question, 'Raise your hand if you want Seogoong out.' I think that was the absolute worst moment of my life."

He continued, "When I moved my stuff out of the dorm and came home, my father started yelling at me saying it all happened because of my personality. My mind was already crushed, and when I heard him say that, I really was going to jump out the window. My dad stopped me, and that's all I remember. My father had to grab me to the point that my clothes ripped."

As for the criticism that he became a trot singer because he failed as an idol, Park Hyun Ho said, "That's true in a sense. I didn't get to succeed as an idol, so I'm trying to find a different genre."

Park Hyun Ho is currently appearing on KBS' 'Trot National Sports Festival'.

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kinglillith76 pts Tuesday, December 15, 2020 15
Tuesday, December 15, 2020

to think you come home from that to be further humiliated by your dad...


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bebeym086 pts Tuesday, December 15, 2020 1
Tuesday, December 15, 2020

thats absolutely horrible,goodness...I can't even imagine going through that..

I hope he's doing so much better now and loves what his doing <3


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