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Track List:

1. Round & Round

2. Bad Girl

3. I Don't Miss U

Woo!ah! has returned with their second-ever release, QURIOUSThis 3-song EP is full of bubbly charismatic fun that showcases the group's fun personality. QURIOUS is the first comeback the group has had since their initial debut, so I was excited to hear what these rookies had to offer. 

The EP opens with "Round & Round," a song that reminded me a lot of American pop music. However, the song has a really nice flare to it! Woo!ah! It never really captured my attention, but this song has me reconsidering why I didn't. All the girls showcased powerful vocals with great clarity and smooth delivery. "Round & Round" has a fun instrumental that keeps its upbeat flair well throughout the entire song, with its focal point being the bridge and chorus transitions. It's a song that makes you dance!

The group chose "Bad Girl" as their title song, a bouncy track with booming 808s. "Bad Girl" displays the group's sweet vocals well. For a rookie group, I find the member's vocals to be fantastically stable and nice to listen to, a rarity for newer groups who tend to focus on visual and frenetic performance. While the song isn't insanely unique, the song is great for a rookie group as a title. The focal point for this track is definitely its rhythmic chanting after the chorus.

This three-song release ends with "I Don't Miss U." I enjoyed that Woo!ah! didn't go for the cheesy ballad here, but instead opted for a mid-tempo pop song. I think that's an advantageous move for a rookie group, as I think creating a song as catchy as "I Don't Miss U" was a good choice. The song is sweet, bubbly, cute - much like the group itself, but the chorus isn't my favorite compared to the other two songs on this release. Overall, this song capped off the EP well and fit in with the overall vibe the group was going for.


I loved listening to Woo!ah!'s EP, but I feel like I am let down by their MV for "Bad Girl." A lot of my distaste for the video had to do with the video editing. The coloration is not my favorite, as the girls look either really red-toned or really blue, which I feel like washed them out a lot. I think that the company was going for a futuristic, internet-themed concept, but it came out looking muddled and low budget in the end. The song sticks out to me so much, but the MV editing takes away from the group and gives an effect of overstimulation more than anything. 

I wish that rather than relying heavily on green screen and special effects, they'd focus more on showcasing the members or having some cohesion. I also found it kind of funny how the song was called "Bad Girl," but the members had to do a sort of childish, cutesy choreography. The MV was a confusing message visually.


MV Relevance…..6

MV Production…..5

MV Concept……..6

MV Score: 5.67


Album Production…...8

Album Concept……...7


Album Score: 7.67

Overall: 6.67

  1. Woo!ah!
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jason23-280 pts Thursday, December 10, 2020 0
Thursday, December 10, 2020

I give MV production team 0/10. They messed it all up.


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