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V.O.S member Park Ji Heon reveals his transformation from flab to fab


Recently V.O.S member Park Ji Heon updated fans on his diet and exercise progress.

On November 12 KST, Park Ji Heon uploaded photos on his Instagram stating that he had done a body check after a month. He stated there wasn't much difference but he gained around 500 grams (1.1 lbs) in weight.

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어제밤 딱 한달만에 바디체크해봤습니다. 뭐 큰변화는 없어보이네요..ㅎ 식사를 1일2식으로 늘려서인지 체지방도 약간늘었고 총 몸무게는 500g정도 늘었네요. 매월 11일 바디체크찍어보면서 꾸준히 해볼까합니다. 저는 운동을 1시간을 넘기진않습니다. 1시간이 넘으면 저는 멘붕이오더라구요ㅎ 그래서 1시간안쪽으로 어떤날은 두번운동합니다. 3분할도해보고 5분할도 해보고 공부많이 하고있는데 이건정말 맞고틀리고가아니라 자기생활패턴이나 체질에 맞는걸 찾는게 중요한듯합니다. 이제 좀 익숙해져서 김종국형님처럼 20년 꾸준히할수있을것같은 기대가됩니다ㅎㅎ 근데 지금부터 20년이면 환갑이 지나네요ㅋㅋ 제발 2년만이라도^^ 제일 미안한건 아내인데. 운동하고 제가 지쳐있어보였는지 말없이 재활용쓰레기를 본인이 버리고왔더라구요. 응원해주는 마음으로 알고 좀더 기운내서 앞으로 지쳐보이지않아야겠어요ㅎ 어느새 꽤많이 달라진 아빠모습보면서 아이들도 신기해하고 자기들은 몇살때부터 운동하면되냐고 묻습니다. 몸도몸이지만 아이들에게 좋은영향미치고 있는듯해서 뿌듯합니다. 코로나로 할수있는걸해보자는게 시작이었는데 생각해보니 마음껏 운동할수있는 이자체만으로 감사네요. 오늘도 좋은날입니다. 모두 좋은하루 만들어가세요~!!^^ #가장그룹 #헬린이아빠 #육남매아빠 #박지헌 #vos #발라드의제왕 #하나님의오타쿠 #한달바디체크

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He continued to state "I think I got used to this so I think I can keep this up for twenty years like Kim Jong Kook. But, twenty years from now, I'll be over sixty years old."

In the photos Park Ji Heon uploaded, he is seen with no shirt and showing off his chiseled muscular body.  The singer's abs stand out as it caught the attention of netizens.

Park Ji Heon started his diet in May of this year. He stated he had gained too much belly fat so he had to control his diet and steadily exercise.

Meanwhile, Park Ji Heon is known as being the father to six children and a member of the Korean singing group V.O.S.

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good lord, he is finer than a mf



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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Wow how is that the same person?! He looks like an entirely different guy! Weight is EVERYTHING! T^T



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