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Viewers think SBS's 'Running Man' has gone too far with this one game broadcast in latest episode


[Trigger Warning]

Netizens relayed their thoughts after watching a game played on 'Running Man'.

On the latest episode of the SBS variety program, the members of 'Running Man' played a game using rubber bands wrapped around their faces. For the game, named 'Rubber Band Frog', the MCs and the guests had to win by withstanding as many rubber bands as possible. Despite the possible dangers involved, the members put on the bands for the sake of the game, resulting in as many as 36 rubber bands tightening in on one of the faces.

After the broadcast, netizens took to a community forum and expressed their concerns in regards to the scene. Some left comments such as, "If it were funny, then I'd understand, but that's not even funny -- that's dangerous. They should have simply used stockings.", "Are they crazy? That's so gross and dangerous for the entertainers."

Based on the preview, this game of rubber bands will continue in next week's episode. What do you think of this issue?

Other comments include:

"I can't stand it. They've gone too far."

"I couldn't believe my eyes"

"The games on 'Running Man' have become more and more dangerous"

"I don't understand why people would produce this and watch it"

"What if the bands hurt their vision?"

"Is this what comedy is supposed to be?"

"Don't do it please..."

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Maisha_Mariam341 pts 18 days ago 3
18 days ago

I agree for the first time with k-netz, they've seriously gone too far this and it's not even funny.


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theharshtruth443 pts 18 days ago 1
18 days ago

There are a few things Running man in the last year or so have done that I consider pretty mest up this would prob rank second. The number one is when they made a love line joke between Seokjin and Somin quite a few episodes when the guy is obviously married and I think has kids and is really old...He obviously felt uncomfortable and did not know how to respond to the joke and I was uncomfortable too just watching...Still cringe at it...They need a new PD the show has had a few ups and downs and new PDs usually bring freshness and new ideas. This PD is going too far


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