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THROWBACK: BTS Most Viewed Vintage Performance Stages


BTS is now a Grammy-nominated groupBTS is known for difficult choreography and dynamic stages, and these challenging stages led them to international superstardom. Before the group was able to launch themselves as globally-acclaimed artists, they graced arirang's Simply K-Pop stage with several performances that built the iconic buzz that they have around them now. In celebration of their Grammy nomination, let's take a walk down memory lane for this Throwback and enjoy the most-viewed vintage Simply K-Pop performances of BTS!

6. I Need U - 1.9M views

"I NEED U" was a legendary release that helped to garner a lot of attention and new fans for the group. The song is an urban-style electronic hip hop song and depicts a sense of loss when the passionate love he's been experiencing has begun fading away. This performance marks a turning point for the group's popularity. "I NEED U" comes in at number 6 with 1.9M views.

5. Danger - 2.1M views

Though "Danger" actually came out prior to "I NEED U," this powerful performance actually has more views than "I NEED U"! "Danger" came out 14 months after the group's debut and was a change in sound and energy. The song showcased the group's ability to break out of the standard box with a hybrid hip hop beat and punk rock guitar sound. Don't play games with BTS heart!

4. War of Hormone - 2.4M views

Released alongside "Danger," "War of Hormone" was the group's high-powered song that showed a sexier side to the then-growing group. Following the lead of "Danger," "War of Hormone" also has a hip hop beat and rock guitar instrumental that conveys the lyricism of getting nervous and having your heart beat faster in front of your love interest. The boys are seen here in this performance in the same outfits as their MV, showing a playful dance choreography.

3. Boy In Luv - 3.2M view

The cardinal BTS classic - "Boy In Luv." This vintage BTS performance is an amazing blast from the past. From Jungkook's tiny stature to the popular vintage dance styles in the era, this performance is a treat to watch. Jungkook stands at a mere 16 years old and Jin in this era is 21. It's insane to think about how far the group has come from this performance. Could you have foreshadowed that they would be Grammy-nominated in 2020 based on this "Boy In Luv" stage?

2. DOPE - 10M views

The choreography for "DOPE" was one of BTS's most-challenging at the time, and it paid off to dance their hearts out! The last most-viewed performance for "Boy In Luv" only had 3.2M views, but "DOPE" has 10M! This really marks a moment in the shift in their popularity, as they showcased one of the most memorable choreographies of that year. Every fan was doing this dance, with some even zealously cosplaying as one of the member's costumes from the MV.

1. Boyz With Fun - 20M views

One of the most recognizable performance choreographies and the most-viewed video out of all their Simply K-Pop performances is "Boyz With Fun." This super playful song is a narrative for the group, and the song brought lots of unadulterated joy to ARMY due to its upbeat tempo and feel. The title is literal- and showcases the boys being full of fun and youthful energy. Taehyung, in particular, had an amazing change from growling in songs to singing with a buttery and smooth low-register vocal! 

Tell us in the comments below which vintage BTS performance is your personal favorite, and check out more performances on arirang's Simply K-pop YouTube channel!

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Sunday, November 29, 2020

OMG i remember watching these like every single day



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Monday, November 30, 2020
I just love early Bangtan!💜


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