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Netizens talk about their biggest concern for SM Entertainment's rookie girl group aespa


As the 'Avatar x Experience' model of SM Entertainment's new rookie girl group aespa is taking more and more concrete shape, many netizens are raising their voices of concern toward the newest and most alarming concern lying ahead for the members. 

Back on November 3, aespa revealed a new 'SYNK' teaser film for member Winter and her counterpart, ae-Winter

The biggest concern currently being posed among K-Pop idol fans can be summed up by this YouTuber's recent comments:

"The last issue is the problem that arises when an idol is combined with a fictional character."

"They've recreated an idol member into an identical character." 

"A person is being used as the IP of the exact character." 

"What's gonna happen then?"

"It leads to the birth of an immense amount of secondary creations." 

"You must know exactly what I'm talking about, right. On porn sites." 

"If you search K/DA"

"You get way more pictures of the members nude than any official profile photos."

"These characters are bound to be subject to an immense amount of mockery and secondary creation."

"So far, in the idol industry, since there were no 2D characters of the idols yet, secondary creative sources ended with things like fanfics or BL."

"Some people consider even those things to be dirty and offensive. But now there are exact 2D replicates of real idols?"

He continued:

"This is nothing less than throwing food to the dogs. In the case of K/DA, even if they are being consumed through such secondary creation contents, they are fictional characters and so do not suffer emotional damages. But in aespa, these idols are real people. They have personalities. No matter how strong-minded you are, all people feel wretched when they're mocked people tend to get upset over all kinds of things. Will these idols really be able to endure the fact that characters based off of themselves are being consumed through such a flood of secondary content? They can't be more than 20-years old on average. Did SM really not consider these things before deciding that they were going to start a character IP business?"

Numerous netizens left comments of agreement and concern, stating, 

"Just look at the way the avatar aespa members are dressed. There's no way they didn't think about this ahead."
"I think this is a real issue. People will do whatever they want with those characters thinking that they are just characters, but the members can't help but feel that those characters were created in their image and they can't help but get hurt."
"I've always thought that people making SIMS characters that look like idols was so weird and gross."
"Even if SM didn't consider this before designing this concept, than the fact that they didn't think ahead before making such a decision is also a problem."
"I'm seriously concerned, considering how much sexual harassment already goes on with female idols and even underaged idols."
"This is something to really think about, because doesn't it mean that these idols are truly being seen as nothing more than products?"
"Speaking from experience, I was really traumatized in the past seeing so many gross pictures and videos of my favorite game characters TT."
"I didn't think about before, but I think this might be a serious issue."
"There are already too many proven instances of these kinds of problems to ignore this issue."

... and more. 

What do you think about the concerns?

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myung-mitha1,059 pts Wednesday, November 4, 2020 6
Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I also really wonder if SM is aware of this problem or not?? Forget about SM.. Are the girls aware??😟


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ItzyRainyzCatz206 pts Wednesday, November 4, 2020 11
Wednesday, November 4, 2020

SM needs to hire this dude, because he knows what he is talking about. There's porn videos of Overwatch and League characters, who's to say creepy men won't do the same to aespa.


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