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Hong Jin Young's former professor claims that Hong Jin Young plagiarized 99% of her dissertation


Hong Jin Young's alleged former professor at Chosun University claimed that "99% of Hong Jin Young's dissertation is plagiarized, not 74%." 

A professor who teaches commerce and trade at Chosun University and taught Hong Jin Young stated that her master's thesis paper and doctoral thesis were all "Fake."

According to an exclusive report from Kukmin Ilbo on November 6 KST, a professor at the commerce and trade department at Chosun University, claimed to have taught Hong Jin Young and claimed that 99.9% of her master's degree thesis is fake.

He testified that he was the one who taught Hong Jin Young and gave her the grades for all the courses during her undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs at the university. He testified that both her master's and doctoral papers were plagiarized.

He continued to state, "Ms. Hong stated that she had diligently participated in every class. However, I don't remember seeing her at school often. At least I didn't see her in my class. Of course, she couldn't have come all the way to Gwangjoo while working as a singer as well."

He then stated he could not deny that Hong Jin Young's father, an honorary professor at Chosun University, contributed to keeping this fact from being publicized.

The professor stated that all the professors knew this was to happen when they saw the Kookmin Ilbo article stating that 74% of Hong Jin Young's master thesis paper was plagiarized. The reason is that this is not the first time Hong Jin Young's thesis paper had issues.

The professor claimed that Hong Jin Young's master's thesis paper is not the only one with issues, but he claimed there is a bigger issue with Hong Jin Young's doctoral dissertation. The professor stated, "I believed that none of Hong Jin Young's papers should have been approved, but ultimately, all her papers passed the screening. I hope that the truth will be revealed at least now. Please clearly reveal the truth."

On November 5th, Kookmin Ilbo reported that 74% of Hong Jin Young's master thesis on the cultural content industry trend through the Korean trend was plagiarized. The essay was submitted to Chosun University's department of Commerce and Trade. After the inspections through the 'Copy Killer' website, it was reported that 74% of her paper had been copied. A thesis paper will be deemed complete plagiarism if the rate of plagiarism exceeds 25%. 

Hong Jin Young's agency refuted the report and denied the claim. The agency stated, "There was an error in the certification method on Hong Jin Young's thesis paper. The paper is purely written by Hong Jin Young and is not plagiarized."

Hong Jin Young previously complained about the controversy over her master's degree in 2013. She stated some netizens suspected her of purchasing her degree or her father writing the thesis paper for her. At that time, she stated, "The world is different these days; why would I lie about something like that?"

Hong Jin Young later apologized and stated she would return her master's and doctoral dissertations.

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acha502953 pts Friday, November 6, 2020 1
Friday, November 6, 2020

So this professor just admitted he also helped her cheat too? Um, ok...


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xtinah137 pts Friday, November 6, 2020 2
Friday, November 6, 2020

meanwhile here i am slaving over my masters degree


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