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Gong Yoo talks about the roles that changed his life and reveals his favorite character


Gong Yoo gained keen attention when he appeared on the recent episode of SBS's YouTube show 'MMTG.'

The episode aired on November 19th KST, in which Gong Yoo appeared to promote his new movie 'Seo Bok.' 

During the episode, host Jaejae asked actor Gong Yoo to play a mini Olympic game in which she asked him to pick his favorite character.

Jaejae brought out pictures of the characters that Gong Yoo has played so far, two at a time. Then Gong Yoo was to pick between the two until he was left with only one.

The first choice Gong Yoo had to make was between the character 'Han Kyul' from 'Coffee Prince' and 'Gi Jun' from the movie 'Finding Mr. Destiny.'

Gong Yoo easily chose Han Kyul from Coffee Prince and stated this was an easy choice. Gong Yoo stated, "I do have affection for Gi Jun, but he's not enough to beat Han Kyul."

The next two characters were 'Kang In Ho' from the movie 'Silenced' and 'Seok Woo' from the movie 'Train to Busan.'

Gong Yoo had a hard time picking between these two characters, but in the end, he picked 'Kang In Ho' from 'Silenced.'

The third choice Gong Yoo had to make between two characters was between 'Kim Shin' from the drama 'Goblin' and 'Dae Hyun' from the movie 'Kim Ji young: Born 1982'. 

Gong Yoo contemplated for a bit but chose 'Kim Shin' over 'Dae Hyun.' Gong Yoo stated, "Kim Shin is too strong."

After choosing 'Han Kyul' over 'Kang In Ho,' Gong Yoo had to make the most difficult choice - Choosing between Coffee Prince's Han Kyul and Goblin's Kim Shin.

Gong Yoo thought deeply for a while and finally chose the character 'Kim Shin' as his favorite character.

Gong Yoo explained that he chose 'Kim Shin' because he felt the character could be a more mature version of Han Kyul. He also explained that Kim Shin was the character that experienced the most sadness from all his characters.

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Jane45280 pts Thursday, November 19, 2020 1
Thursday, November 19, 2020

I don’t remember the Kim Shin being that mature. He use to have telekinetic fights with the grim reaper and was very petty. But, he definitely experienced a great amount of sadness


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taeswife06139,726 pts Thursday, November 19, 2020 0
Thursday, November 19, 2020

LIterally loved 'Goblin.' I've watched kdramas for over a decade and I've never laughed and cried so much in one drama.



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