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CNBLUE discusses preparing an album in their 30s, their favorite lyrics from 'RE-CODE,' and more in an exclusive interview


CNBLUE is back with their first album in 3 years and 8 months. On November 7, CNBLUE released their eight mini-album, ‘RE-CODE’ featuring lead single “Then, Now and Forever.” The album consists of five sentimental and soulful tracks that are perfect for listening to as the weather gets colder. In celebration of their comeback, CNBLUE joined allkpop for an exclusive interview, in which they share details about preparing an album for the first time in their 30s, their favorite lyrics from the album, and more!


Allkpop: Congratulations on your comeback! How have you been?

Jung Yong Hwa: Lately, I’ve been busy preparing for the album. I’m just waiting for the pandemic to be over so that we can perform in front of our fans.

Kang Min Hyuk: Thank you! I’ve been keeping myself busy preparing for the comeback and have also been working out, listening to music and doing other things.

Lee Jung Shin: After my discharge in March, I eagerly waited to meet fans, but unfortunately, it was delayed. I filmed a drama called ‘썸머가이즈 (Summer Guys)’ in Jeju Island, which will air next year and prepared for our album, which was finally on November 17th.

Allkpop: This is your first release in 3 years and 8 months — what kinds of thoughts ran through your head as you prepared for this album?

Jung Yong Hwa: I’m in my 30s now, and I wanted to express my feelings of being in my 30s through the track.

Kang Min Hyuk: What kind of music should we share with fans? This was a question that ran through my head a lot as I thought about the kind of music we should prepare.

Lee Jung Shin: I think I've had a lot of different emotions. Before we knew it, we were already approaching our 11th year as CNBLUE and looking back, our experiences have made us more mature. For this album, we were more detailed and more cautious than ever.

Allkpop: Please introduce the album and title track to fans. What message would you like to convey through this album?

Jung Yong Hwa: This album consists of five tracks, which share a similar tone and overall mood. The title track is an alternative rock song, which is quite different from the title tracks we've done so far. It is a track that has a meaning of being left in the memory of the past, present, and future.

Kang Min Hyuk: I wanted to share the present moment where we can still be together even after already being together for 10 years in the past — to be happy with fans even in the future with our music. I think that was what I basically wanted to tell.

Lee Jung Shin: It’s an album called ‘RE-CODE,’ and I think it is an album that reinterprets CNBLUE once again. The title track, “Then, Now and Forever,” feels different from CNBLUE’s previous title songs. I think everyone can look back on the theme of the past, present, and future, and think about the present that we are living in and the future that is about to come.

Allkpop: What’s your favorite lyric from the album and why?

Jung Yong Hwa: I love all of the songs, but I really like “Winter Again.” My favorite lyrics in the song are, “It’s warm inside the room, so it looks warm outside the window as well. It goes the same for people’s hearts. The wind was this cold.” I think it will be good for fans to think about the meaning behind these lyrics.

Kang Min Hyuk: I think it would be “Then, Now and Forever” because it portrays what CNBLUE can currently hold.

Lee Jung Shin: “We are here then, now and forever.”

Allkpop: How have you been spending time aside from preparing for your comeback? What are your hobbies?

Jung Yong Hwa: Actually, I've been making albums all the time, so I've put all my time and energy into production.

Kang Min Hyuk: These days, I listen to music, watch movies, and rest at home.

Lee Jung Shin: A hobby that I enjoy… With the current pandemic, the situation is changing in a difficult and complicated way all around the world. Since I can't partake in outdoor activities, I wanted to change my house since it’s a place where I not only live, but also heal and recover. I've been getting rid of some interior items and doing some cleaning. I'm proud of how my house is changing.

Allkpop: Please explain any goals you have for the rest of this year.

Jung Yong Hwa: If the situation gets better, I would like to have an offline concert.

Kang Min Hyuk: I hope many people listen to our album that came out after a long time.

Lee Jung Shin: I want to get closer to the fans and the public again, and I want to do more in-depth activities in the future.

Allkpop: Any last messages to international fans?

Jung Yong Hwa: The current situation is bad due to the pandemic, so please take care of your health. I hope to see all of your smiles at our concert soon. Please listen to our album!

Kang Min Hyuk: I really miss you all so much. I want to meet you all with a performance as soon as possible. I hope to see you soon. Meanwhile, please listen to our new album and wait until the day we’ll be able to meet.

Lee Jung Shin: Due to the pandemic, we can’t meet each other face to face. I just want to meet you at our concert after this situation is over. I always love you all.

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Friday, November 20, 2020

Been a Boice past, present and future. CNBLUE FIGHTING!



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Friday, November 20, 2020

Their music has turned mature both musically and in lyrics. I like Yonghwa's lyrics more and more nowadays which always brings positive energy.



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