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Posted by Hannah-Lee Thursday, November 26, 2020

Birthday cake is NOT the most idol-friendly dessert — here’s evidence


Birthday cake is a classic when it comes to celebrating someone's special day. Therefore, it's common for fans or group members to gift cakes to idols on their birthdays. Unfortunately, some haven't had the best of luck with their birthday cakes. Here are some idols who don't have such a great relationship with the beloved dessert. 

Stray Kids’ Changbin

Everything was going well at a fan sign as the members sang “Happy Birthday” to Changbin. Changbin mistakenly decided to hold the cake with one arm, however, and ended up dropping it!

Pristin’s Kyulkyung 

Just as Kyulkyung leaned in towards the camera to smile for fans, she dropped her cake. Her shocked reaction is simply priceless! 

The Boyz’ Kevin

The entire room was in chaos when The Boyz' Kevin dropped his birthday cake. Members of The Boyz' simply could not believe what had happened. 


Something very unexpected happened at the annual musical festival hosted by Yonsei University. Shortly after receiving a cake from the students, IU accidentally dropped it! 

BTS’ J-Hope

As Jimin was fooling around, J-Hope got distracted while holding the birthday cake. Before anyone could blink an eye, he dropped it straight onto RM's bag! 



Just after blowing out the candles, Somi ended up dropping the entire cake. Everyone dropped their jaws in disbelief. 

A.C.E's Jun 

Donghun got a little too excited on Jun's birthday. After Jun blew out the candles, Donghun leaned in for a big hug, distracting Jun and making him drop the cake.

EXO’s Baekhyun

After Chen cut his birthday cake, Baekhyun reached in to pick up a piece — only to drop it on the floor. Luckily, some of the members helped clean up the mess. 

Apink’s Naeun

Apink's Naeun is known by fans for accidentally dropping important things. One time, she sent Hayoung's birthday cake, flying to the ground. 

2PM’s Jun K and Wooyoung 

2PM's experience with birthday cakes is absolutely legendary. Jun K and Wooyoung both dropped the cakes they were holding for Junho's birthday! 

Cherry Bullet's Chaerin

At a fansign, Chaerin expressed great disappointment after slipping up and dropping fellow member Bora's birthday cake!


ASTRO's MJ and Jinjin

MJ and Jinjin held up a cake they received to take a photo. Just as they held it up, it tumbled to the floor and left the members in utter shock.

IN2IT's Inho

If you thought one cake drop was unusual, you're for a surprise. IN2IT's Inho dropped his cake twice in a single video!

Kim Donghan 

While not for his birthday, Kim Donghan received a cake in celebration of his first win. Unfortunately, he dropped it on the floor.

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PrettyCode1,470 pts Thursday, November 26, 2020 4
Thursday, November 26, 2020

Why do they always put the cake on the box? It’s meant to be a disaster

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gookr5,447 pts Thursday, November 26, 2020 1
Thursday, November 26, 2020

be like kang yeosang and put some candles on a tower of friend chicken

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