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A visual artist claims aespa's art team copied his work and netizens claim that they plagiarized K/DA as well


As the new teaser clip of SM Entertainment's new girl group aespa was revealed, many are alleging the video plagiarized other works. 

On November 16, SM Entertainment unveiled the teaser video for "Black Mamba," which is the debut song for aespa. Unfortunately, a plagiarism controversy has risen with the girl group's music video teaser.

On the same day, a German visual artist, Timo Helgert, posted an Instagram story with the capture of a clip from aespa's video along with two of his works, side to side. He stated in the post, "I received many messages. They didn't ask me and I didn't work on it. Seems like they copied it."

It seems the artist received many messages from netizens who claimed that aespa's music video teaser highly resembled the German artist's work.

Previously, Vacades was seen posting many works that show the subway train. Among the works, there are two in which there is a field of flowers on the floor of the subway cart and a snake slithering on the floor. The artist pointed out these two works and stated aespa seemed to have copied his work.

In the music video teaser, there is a scene where the members are standing in the middle of a subway train that is filled with flowers. Then a large snake appears and slithers across the flower-filled train.

Other netizens pointed out that there are aspects of the music video teaser that seems very familiar. These netizens claim that aespa's music video is similar to K/DA's "POP/STAR" music video.

One netizen posted on an online community a side to side comparison of the two music videos.

Many netizens have agreed that the music video teaser highly resembles the German artist's works and K/DA's music video as well. Netizens have criticized the group's art director and team stating, "Wow, they didn't even try to make it unnoticeable," "I can't believe such a big company would steal other people's work," "Are they no ashamed?", and "That's so embarrassing."

Since the controversy, SM Entertainment has yet to make a statement.

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edurance1,422 pts Monday, November 16, 2020 3
Monday, November 16, 2020

They fucking did... typical SM these days


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Ronaldo_Caparuch577 pts Monday, November 16, 2020 10
Monday, November 16, 2020

Keep thinking why it look familiar then yes... how dare you SM!!! So called giant company and yet plagiarism are too common.. come on!!!


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