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Youngest firefighter of the Nambu fire department rescues a baby from the massive apartment fire in Ulsan


It was belatedly reported that a firefighter was able to rescue a baby by running down 22 stories while holding the baby in less than 2 minutes during the massive fire at an apartment complex in Ulsan.

The Nambu fire department's youngest firefighter stated, "The only thing I could think of was to bring the baby outside of the building safely."

On the night of October 8th, the 33-story high-rise residential building caught fire at around 11 PM. Despite the massive fire, a miracle of not having any casualties of a single person dying.

The reason the miracle occurred and a major disaster was avoided because of the rapid response of the fire departments and the cooperation of the residents right after the fire broke out.

Amid a series of touching stories of firefighters who risked their lives to rescue the residents even in an emergency, the story about the youngest firefighter has caught the attention of many.

Lee Hyung Woo, team leader of the 119 rescue team at the Nambu Fire Station in Ulsan, and Kim Geun Hwan, the youngest member of the team, were evacuating residents from each floor of the apartment complex. The two firefighters came across a mother carrying her baby between the 21st and 22nd floor.

The baby was in severe danger as the baby continued to inhale the smoke and the mother was in a state of panic as she ran out of her house without wearing her shoes.

Lee Hyung Woo, the team leader, ordered the youngest member to take the baby out first.

After taking the baby, firefighter Kim Geun Hwan ran down the stairs right away. With more than 20 kgs of equipment, including oxygen bottles and extinguishing equipment, he began running down the stairs filled with smoke with the baby to his chest. It took him just under 2 minutes to get out of the building from the 22nd floor.

Firefighter Kim safely brought the baby to the ambulance and guided the mother to her baby after she safely made it out of the building and cried for her baby. Then he took an extra oxygen tank and ran back into the burning building to guide the rest of the residents out. He continued, "The only thought I had in mind was to help the firefighters. I'm glad the baby made it out safely. I think having nephews and nieces to carry around helped me carry the baby bit easier because I'm used to carrying babies."

The young firefighter also stated, "I want to also thank all the residents who cooperated and made room for me to run down the stairs while they were evacuating. I want to thank the residents for their support and cooperation. I couldn't' have made it out that fast without their help."

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shakennotstirred816 pts Thursday, October 15, 2020 1
Thursday, October 15, 2020

He literally looks like a guy who could star in a K-Drama about firefighters <3


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borahae6,862 pts Thursday, October 15, 2020 0
Thursday, October 15, 2020

amazing job there, handsome sir! keep up the great safe work and positive strong mind 👍



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