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VICTON members apologize for dancing to Breonna Taylor dedication song


Members of VICTON have apologized for dancing to a song dedicated to Breonna Taylor.

In March of 2020, African-American woman Breonna Taylor was fatally shot in her home in Louisville, Kentucky by 3 plainclothes officers during a botched raid. Former officer Brett Hankison was fired from the police force for blindly firing through a covered patio door and window of Taylor's apartment, which is against police protocol, and he was indicted on 3 counts of wanton endangerment for endangering Taylor's neighbors. However, no charges were announced against the other 2 officers, Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove, and no one was charged for Taylor's death. 

Her death led to numerous protests against police brutality and racism, and many artists spoke out against the injustice. In July of 2020, singer Tobe Nwigwe released the song "I Need You To (Breonna Taylor)", which called for the arrest of the officers responsible for Breonna Taylor's passing, and VICTON are now under fire for a now-deleted choreography video using the track.

After VICTON member Sejun posted the below dance video, numerous fans and netizens took issue with it, and the video was promptly taken down from his Instagram. However, Sejun's response during a live stream with fans caused further controversy as some found his apology to be casual and insincere, and they're currently petitioning VICTON's label for an official apology. As of now, Sejun, Seungsik, and Subin have posted apologies on their Instagram stories.

Sejun wrote, "I did not know the meaning of the song used in a recent dance video, and I caused disappointment and hurt to many people overseas and to our fans ALICE. Moreover, I did not properly apologize when this came up during a V Live stream. Everything is due to my carelessness. I apologize once again to the people overseas and to ALICE who were hurt because of me. I'll do my best to act more thoughtfully in the future. Once again, I apologize."

Subin apologized and explained, "During a break between promotions, Seungsik, Sejun, and I received choreography lessons, and we've been filming dance videos during every class. In the midst of that, a dance video uploaded has caused a lot of hurt to people." Seungsik also apologized in the same manner.

What are your thoughts on the controversy?

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Nutella_is_life2,413 pts Tuesday, October 27, 2020 0
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Unfortunately the news of Breonna Taylor other similar racially-motivated incidents probably aren't well recognised in countries like SK. They probably wouldn't have known the meaning of the song due to not speaking english either, but it's good that they are now aware. More of their fans may now be aware of what happened and hopefully show more support to the situation of Breonna's death.



Paranoiainbloom323 pts Tuesday, October 27, 2020 6
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Just like how we don’t know the majority that goes on South Korea, just what we hear from the news. We should honestly educate our artist not cancel them. The majority of them do not the full extend that’s going on hear in the states. Every country is different, we don’t know what happening in Spain or in Brazil. So please think a little more. Don’t just assume that everyone in the world is going to know what’s going in America.


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