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[TW] Former AOA member Mina causes concerns with her post about sleeping pills


Mina uploaded posts that made netizens concerned once again.

Earlier this year, the former AOA member had revealed that she had been bullied by Jimin, and had been rushed to the hospital after a suicide attempt. She has been working on getting better, but has received various death messages on Instagram.

Netizens have been worried about her, and she recently made another concerning post, writing, "I can't sleep no matter how many sleeping pills I take. When will I be able to sleep comfortably without thinking about anything? Have I ever had sleep like that? I feel like I want to do something and that I should be doing something.. but when I try, I wonder what I can do right now. I lost faith I had in the people I believed in, and it makes me wonder what humans are. I can't meet people because I get anxious afterward. Everything is still hard. I just want to sleep. Does anyone have recommendations for a really good psychiatrist in Dongtan or Ilsan that is a good counselor and prescribes good medicine? Please give me recommendations."

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아 수면제를 먹어도 먹어도 잠이 안오네 언제 아무생각없이 두발 뻗고 편하게 잘수있을까 그랬던 적은 있나 아무것도 안하자니 뭔가를 하고싶고, 해야만 할 것 같고.. 뭔가를 하자니 난 지금 뭘 할 수 있지? 싶고 믿었던 사람한데마저 신뢰가 깨지고나니 인간은 정말 뭘까 싶다 다가가고 싶어도 만남뒤에 오는 불안감들이 나를 너무 힘들게한다 다 싫고 힘들구나 아직은 그냥 좀 자고싶다 동탄이나 일산에 상담잘해주시는 약도 잘 지어주시는 정말 좋은 정신과 선생님 혹시 없나요? 근처에 정신과 다니시는 분들 추천 좀 해주세요..

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TheMooseLordLee1,392 pts Sunday, October 25, 2020 0
Sunday, October 25, 2020

She went back to social media far too soon



Kopano1,410 pts Sunday, October 25, 2020 4
Sunday, October 25, 2020

She doesn't even see a therapist even after all she's been through? that's worrying.. I hope she gets some help to get back on her feet again.. and not just drown herself with sleeping pills and other medication hoping that will solve everything


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