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This BTS song never left Melon's top 100 chart for three years and eight months


Recently, a netizen posted on an online community a song that has been on the top 100 on the Melon Charts for nearly four straight years.

The netizen stated that this song remained on the Melon Charts for three years and eight months without leaving the top 100, not even once. The song was revealed to be BTS's renowned song, "Spring Day."

The song was released back in 2017 in BTS's repackaged album 'You Never Walk Alone.' The song received much love and is still receiving love globally for the lyrics that touch the hearts of many young adults worldwide.

The song lyrics poetically describes the longing and separation from loved ones as the cold winter that comes even in the summertime. The song sings of the reunion that will some with the "Spring Day" that will bring back the warmth and the blooming of flowers. 

"Spring Day" has been critically acclaimed for the exceptional composition combined with the metaphorical lyrics. The song is well accepted worldwide, and it is no surprise that it keeps its ranking in the top 100 on the Melon charts for over three years.

Netizens have claimed that they have become fans of BTS after hearing this song and praised the group for a beautifully written piece.

Netizens' Commented:

"I got goosebumps because I'm listening to it now."

"I think 'Spring Day' is a good song to listen to any time."

"I was really into this song before I was a BTS fan."

"Even if you listen to this song over and over again, you don't get sick of it."

"This song is so sad, and the lyrics are so nice."

"I saw a lot of non-BTS fans put this song as their Kakaotalk profile song. So I know many people love this song."

"This song fits with all seasons."

"This song is so sentimental and feels so sad."

"This is a real classic. Love it."

"Spring Day is so healing."

"I knew this song would stay on the charts for really long."

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soapbox1,777 pts Friday, October 9, 2020 1
Friday, October 9, 2020

spring day is like the grandpa who refuses to retire. But in all honesty, spring day is a great song, and a good way to introduce someone to bts


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wise-quotes3,521 pts Friday, October 9, 2020 0
Friday, October 9, 2020

And never gonna leave...👑 BTS are the ultimate Kings of kpop... Spring Day is the Queen... this song is bigger than any other korean act career...🧐 *just like many other BTS songs are!!!💪*



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