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First impressions of 'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' is a homerun


New KBS2 drama ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ premiered worldwide on the 7th of October 2020 and checked off all the right boxes from the start.

The characters we’re introduced to in the first two episodes have a melancholic quality of “sonder” about them. It is impossible to focus on just one without wondering about the vivid and complex stories that the others carry. The show intentionally gives out tiny details about dark secrets lurking behind the beautiful landscape while withholding any information that might give the smallest hint as to the bigger picture. Numerous little loose ends are released and things happen too fast for comfort, especially in the first episode. By the time you’re acquainted with the overarching theme, the episode is already over. 

What seemed like a happy and rosy romantic comedy from all the teasers we were given is suddenly upturned. Goo Ra Ra’s (played by Go Ara) father’s sudden bankruptcy is just as mysterious as Jun (Lee Jae Wook) being chased down with malicious intent coming from his mother. However, it’s not certain whether that is his biological mother. Dr. Cha Eun Seok (Kim Joo Hun) decides on a hasty divorce and we’re given no reasoning as to why. 

A few other faces are introduced as well, perched high on a hill in the scene that first brings us to the lovely Eunpo City. The camera lingers on them long enough for them to be assumed relevant somehow, but they don’t really show up again in the first two episodes. It is undeniable that Eunpo City finds its brightness from the lovely mother-daughter duo - Jin Sook Kyung, a hairstylist and single mother, played by the lovely Ye Ji Won and Jin Ha Yeong (played by Shin Eun Soo), her excitable and lovestruck daughter who is (understandably) crushing on Jun. Finally, we have the mysterious “byeolgram” user “@dodosolsollalasol” who is the titular force that brings Ra Ra to Eunpo City, where she’s ultimate fated to meet her destiny. Several intentional ‘hints’ are given as to who this person might be, but we can be sure that it is definitely not going to be who we think it is.

The second episode turns a complete turn to the rom-com genre. Go Ara is brilliantly clueless as she relies on Jun based on nothing but her sole impression of him. One would think that Jun would be a little more averse to this woman’s requests, but he keeps on giving in to her every whim, almost as if he must. There is a sense of longing for her that is evident on Jun’s face whenever they are together and even when they are not. It would not be a total stretch to think that Jun probably knows Ra Ra from a long time ago. Owing to K-Drama tropes, it is not uncommon for the protagonists to have a thread of unavoidable connection from the past. From the look on Jun’s face when he first sees Ra Ra in her wedding dress, right to the moment he recognizes her unconscious in the totaled car, there is a feeling of “lost and found “very obviously present.

Go Ara once again proves herself to be one of the industry's best actresses with all the varied emotions she evokes with ease. You can’t help but fall for this unfortunate girl full of life and love to give. Lee Jae Wook looks better than ever in his first lead role. He holds his own and is even more fantastic when coupled with Go Ara. The pair is visually stunning, but their electric chemistry is undeniable right from the first scene they’re in together. There’s no turning back for this incredible actor. 

It is also a treat to watch Kim Joo Hun as the poised but mysterious doctor after his eccentric role in ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.’ His skill in acting and pulling off such a range of characters has a whole fanbase of its own. However, we cannot forget one of the most adorable parts of the drama - Mimi! Mimi is the only one holding everything together for Ra Ra, even if it's just by existing. 

Overall, ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ is brimming with potential and will definitely be a roller coaster ride, albeit one to remember. You can watch 'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol' on Netflix now!

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Friday, October 9, 2020

Let's not forget SinB's OST! She sounds so good!


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