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One netizen reveals the DM conversation with Lizzy who states she doesn't have any negative feelings towards Cosmic Girls after plagiarism accusations


Recently, former After School member Lizzy was under fire for allegedly suggesting that Cosmic Girls' CHOCOME unit copied Orange Caramel.

While many netizens thanked Lizzy for supporting the group and mentioning them on her Instagram story, some netizens pointed out that it seemed Lizzy was sarcastic having negative feelings towards the new unit group.

These netizens stated that it seemed that Lizzy was stating that the Cosmic Girls' unit group was copying Orange Caramel. Since the controversy, one netizen messaged the artist privately, inquiring about her intentions.

The netizen messaged Lizzy worrying that the netizens have been leaving negative comments on her Instagram because of her Instagram story. The netizen said in the message, "I thought you might get hurt because of the negative comments due to the content of your Story. I see harsh comments here and there. I hope your bad feelings towards Cosmic Girls get alleviated and hope you can see them with a warm heart."

In response, Lizzy wrote, "I don't have negative feelings towards Cosmic Girls. They're at no fault. I just simply thought a unit group similar to Orange Caramel came out, so I looked them up and listened to their song. Their song was catchy and lingered in my ears. I was at my prime when I was doing Orange Caramel, and it just reminded me of that time and I miss my members too. I wrote that because it reminded me of Orange Caramel. I wasn't sarcastic; I just use that tone of speech often. I was too careless. I'm thankful that you messaged me this way. I'm sorry."

The netizen told Lizzy she doesn't need to apologize and stated that she thinks everyone just misunderstood Lizzy's intentions. The netizen comforted Lizzy telling her not to pay attention to the malicious comments.

Lizzy responded, "It's okay, it's the first time someone messaged me this kindly. And I think I was also careless. I just posted the story because it reminded me of Orange Caramel while watching the MV. Thank you for your kind understanding. I feel like crying. I mean, what good does it do me to 'slander' the juniors of the same industry...I don't gain anything from it...you know? I just felt Orange Caramel doesn't have any plans for future promotion, and the members and I are already doing individual activities as actors and other various things. I just wanted CHOCOME to do better than Orange Caramel since many people say that Orange Caramel was a successful unit group. I wrote it hoping they can surpass us with the cute unit concept and lingering melody. I'm just upset that my intentions were misunderstood. It's my mistake since the majority of people thought that way. Thank you."

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She wasn't rude at all, she just said that that group reminded her of orange caramel, and it's true !!! but there's nothing wrong with it, it's indeed cool, poor Lizzy she gets criticized at everything she does...



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