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Netizens continue a heated battle to debunk the claims that Chanyeol's photos were edited


With the recent controversy over EXO member Chanyeol and his alleged ex-girlfriend, many fans have stepped forward to claim that the evidence photos were photoshopped

However, one netizen recently posted a counter-argument stating that these photos were not edited but are real photos on an online community. The netizen made the post on October 30 stating that she is proving that these photos are not edited because so many people believe that they're photoshopped.

The netizen wrote, "This is the evidence that Chanyeol's photos are not edited. It's weird that people believe they are photoshopped. I brought evidence because people who don't know photography might believe they were edited."

Then she began explaining why these photos were not edited but are actual photos. 

In the first evidence, the netizen mentions the lighting on the beanie. 

Fans have been stating that the picture on the right is the original photo that was used on the edited photo. However, the netizen stated that the lighting/light source is different in both photos. As the lighting on the evidence photo shows the shadow on the left side, and the right photo shows the shadow to the right side. The netizen also pointed out that the folds on the beanie hat are different in the two photos. Therefore the right photo is not the photo used to edit Chanyeol.

The next evidence stated by the netizen is the flowers. Many fans have stated that the flowers that Chanyeol is holding in the alledged ex-girlfriend's photo are the same flowers as the ones he gave to Suho. However, the netizen stated that the two flowers are completely different flowers.

She stated that the paper wrapping the flower is different colors, as well as the flower bouquet design. While the flowers Chanyeol gave to Suho has small edelweiss flowers with red flowers, the bouquet in the evidence photo doesn't have small flowers and has white and pink flowers instead. The netizen claims they are different flowers because the photos were taken in different time periods.

The netizen continues to debunk the claims that fans have stated, saying the photos were edited. Fans believed that the photo with Chanyeol supposedly kissing the ex-girlfriend is photoshopped because of the white outline on Chanyeol's beanie.

However, the netizen claimed that the white outline forms depending on how the light hits the surface of the object and refracts the light in the room. The white outline is seen more clearer depending on how far the subject is from the background. The netizen claimed that the white outline is seen in other photos of Chanyeol, such as his selfies and photos from fans.

Finally, the netizen claimed that the alleged ex-girlfriend's photos are not edited, unlike what many fans claim. Fans have been claiming that the anniversary cake photo is not real because Chanyeol does not have the tattoos on his arm and wrist.

However, the netizen claimed that the fans were not able to see his tattoos because the evidence photo was reversed. She claimed that the photos are reversed because they were taken using the front camera. When using the back camera of a phone, the photo will be produced normally; however, the image is reversed when using the front (selfie) camera of the phone. Therefore, the tattoos that were not seen on Chanyeol's right arm can be seen on his opposite arm and wrist.

She also claimed that Chanyeol's selfie with the alleged ex-girlfriend was taken during the Christmas holiday as he is seen wearing the same shirt and having the same hairstyle in the two photos. The photo to the left is the photo uploaded by Chanyeol celebrating the holiday and the photo on the right is the photo with his supposed ex-girlfriend. The netizen claimed that Chanyeol probably spent the holiday with this individual and had her take the photo for him in front of the Christmas tree.

She also pointed out that the background in which the photos were taken matched Chanyeol's house's background. She stated that all the photos that Chanyeol took in his house match the background to the alleged ex-girlfriend's photos.

Since then, many netizens have been in a heated discussion with fans as netizens believe the photos to be real while fans believe to be false. You can read the translation of the original post here

Netizens' Commented:

"This kind of post is just hilarious since the artist is getting criticized but he's not even giving an explanation."

"You don't even need to debunk this to this extent because no official statement means it's true."

"If these photos were edited then the agency and the artist would have made a statement by now."

"Man, these diehard fans will now be quiet."

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kagayakugucci7,404 pts Friday, October 30, 2020 13
Friday, October 30, 2020

Place your bets, who are the biggest clowns:

1) Someone perfectly photoshopped Chanyeol's home from an angle which was never publicly seen before, and then photoshopped Chanyeol in it

2) Mina and Bambam were definitely not on the same bed together, you can see it from these 3 pixels

3) Krystal and Kai were not in the pool together, it was actually a seal and its trainer.
To be honest, I think that the clownery surrounding Kaistal is still unbeatable.


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shiyunwang166 pts Friday, October 30, 2020 6
Friday, October 30, 2020

i don't know what to believe, but i think that if chanyeol was truly being falsely accused then sm would've denied the rumors.


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