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Fans roll up their sleeves to debunk the allegations against Chanyeol as they claim the images are photoshopped


As the recent controversy over Chanyeol's allegations heightens, many fans are taking it to their own detective abilities to debunk many of the evidence provided by the alleged ex-girlfriend.

Recently an anonymous individual claiming to be Chanyeol's ex-girlfriend posted on an online community various photos of the two along with a long excerpt exposing the idol member for his misdeeds.

The individual claimed that Chanyeol had slept with various women from girl group members to flight attendants. She claimed that she and his fans were the only left in the dark about his promiscuous habits.

Since then, there has been much commotion over this matter as many netizens discuss this matter in various social media outlets.

Now, fans are taking it to their hand to play detective to debunk the various photos posted as evidence. Many Chanyeol fans worldwide are stating that the images are photoshopped as they post the evidence of their claims.

One Korean netizen claimed that when zoomed in on the photos, there is a white outline around Chanyeol, and it seems like his photo was photoshopped into place. She also stated that the alleged ex-girlfriend claimed to have dated Chanyeol from 2017, but he did not have the tattoo 'L-1485' on his arm then.

She also stated that the first photo provided by the alleged ex-girlfriend seemed too awkward. The Korean netizen claimed that no one celebrates a 790-day anniversary and the flower that Chanyeol is holding is too similar to the bouquet he gave to another EXO member.

She also stated that his hand in the photo where he is supposedly kissing his girlfriend is very awkward and is in the position of holding something very thin. Another Chinese netizen deduced that Chanyeol is holding a guitar, not bending down to kiss the alleged ex-girlfriend.

Many fans continue to give their two cents on the matter as they continue to dig deeper to uncover the truth. Chinese fans are continuing to compare Chanyeol's hat and tattoo to try to prove the allegations are false.

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ayumi-lovesyou171 pts Thursday, October 29, 2020 11
Thursday, October 29, 2020

It definitely seems like it could've been edited, but it doesn't make sense.

Why isn't SM themselves debunking this?

Why didn't Chanyeol debunk it himself?

Surely they know by now. It's all over the internet.


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jungkookiss233 pts Thursday, October 29, 2020 5
Thursday, October 29, 2020

I feel like SM would've denied it ages ago if it was invented by a random netizen, but instead they decided to not comment on it... although it is quite a scandal and must be hard to process don't delude yourselves into this fantasy that he is innocent, because if that rumor is really the truth that men is the worst type of scum


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