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"I want my artists to be good people before being good singers." J.Y. Park's past advice to JYP trainees resurface after recent rudeness controversy


Amid the controversy over Red Velvet member Irene's rudeness and abuse of her powers, J.Y. Park's advice to trainees is being reexamined.

On October 22, various captured photos of J.Y. Park's advice he gave to the new artists of his company were uploaded on an online community. In 2015, J.Y. Park gave a special lecture to the trainees competing on Mnet's 'Sixteen.'

He started the lecture by saying, "I want my artists to be good people before being good singers. The standard of being a good person is one's character - sincerity, humility, and honesty. These three are the most important".

Then he went to explain about profanity. He stated, "Profanity! Especially a lot of young kids use it often these days. I used to curse at casual gatherings, but I changed my mind starting in 2010 and haven't cursed since. If you used to curse, I hope you stop using curse words starting today. You have to be a person who doesn't need to be careful of accidentally cursing. People say, 'hey, you need to be careful with your words and your actions when being a celebrity.' But be someone who doesn't need to worry about that." In other words, he told the trainees to be someone who has nothing to hide.

He then taught the trainees about 'humility/modesty.' He stated, "You have to be modest from the heart. I'm not telling you to be just good to your drivers who drive you or the stylist who puts clothes on you, but you need to be really thankful from the bottom of your heart."

J.Y. Park stated, "You can be successful even if you're not modest. However, there are times of crisis that come when living life. You need the help of those around you during those times of crisis. You can't get out of the crisis without the help of others."

He revealed that these three standards are what that JYP entertainment seeks in their trainees. He stated, "We seek people who have all three of these traits, so it's tough for JYP to find artists."

Many netizens are revisiting J.Y. Park's special lecture to his artists as Red Velvet's rude actions have surfaced as an editor uploaded a post on her social media account. The editor exposed the actions of a celebrity in which many netizens speculated it was Irene.

On October 22, Irene posted on her social media admitting that the celebrity in question that the editor mentioned was her. Since then, more and more stories are surfacing about the artist as many staff members who worked with Irene began telling their stories of the horrific experiences they had with the artist.

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

He gave the same lecture to contestants of Nizi project. He eventually dropped two who had poor evaluations on behaviour and attitude.

And TWICE has always been praised for their kind and considerate behaviour and I'm sure NiziU will be too!


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Thursday, October 22, 2020

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