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I-Land Trainee Hanbin The 1:28 Guy who Share love With His Undeniable Charm

(This Art is made by  user Twitter @hubi_txt  Instagram: @senkiworks )

When I first watched I-land (A survival show made by Bighit and Mnet) I didn't have a plan to fall in love too deeply to this trainee. I didn't even look at him at first. But something in Hanbin called me and made me fall in love with him. Despite the lack of screen time, he still has this power to make a lot of people fall in love with his beautiful personality and talend.

More than that, Hanbin has this ability to share love wherever he is. From a street in Vietnam to a city in South Korea. He is able to bring love and make a lot of people do good things like adopt and donate.

That was happend when he got eliminated from I-Land, all his fans collectively agreed to fulfills his dream. He wanted to donate to Charity when he debuted, that's how his fans started adopting animals, planting a tree and donating to charity on behalf of Hanbin.

Recently a Flood and Storm happened in Vietnam. A lot of people get affected by this flood. In this kind of time, Hannies (hanbin's fans) decide to hold a donation to help. Until this time they already made 65.000.000 VND.

Hanbin has become a safe place for his fans Hannies and Hannies has become a group of people who care and support each other. A group of people from all around the world speaking different kinds of language has connected with one thing, It's just Hanbin.

Here is the link of Hanbin Fanbase that made the donation

And here is the original artist

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