Posted by haydn-an Wednesday, October 21, 2020

"I knew he was lying!" The accuser who claimed that GOT7's Youngjae was a bully has deleted his original post


Recently, there has been a commotion in both the Korean online community and the global online community as an individual accused GOT7's Youngjae of being a bully

This individual claimed to be a former classmate of Youngjae in high school and claimed that Youngjae was a bully who unreasonably hit others and stole from his classmates.

Since then, JYP Entertainment released a statement after hearing from Youngjae himself. According to JYP's statement, Youngjae denied the claims and stated that he had only gotten into a physical fight with the individual. They clarified that the allegations are not true.

Earlier today, on October 21, a Korean netizen uncovered that the accuser's original post was deleted after JYP made an official statement. One netizen shared this information on an online community and stated that the accuser deleted the original post after speaking with JYP Entertainment. 

The accuser previously made a post stating they will speak with JYP Entertainment and reveal the truth. The accuser posted evidence of visiting the company but deleted the original post. When netizens try to access the original post, they are met with "The post has been deleted."

After receiving news that the accuser deleted his original post, many are certain that the accuser was lying and only tried to bring the GOT7 member down. 

The netizen who shared the news of the deletion stated, "JYP probably thought his claims were ridiculous too." Many Korean netizens have been commenting on this matter as they comment that the accuser is lying, and he only deleted the post because it wouldn't do anything.


Netizens' Commented:

"I didn't believe his allegations in the first place."

"I knew this accuser was lying. Look how he deleted his post."

"Wow, he just made a big deal, but it was all a lie."

"Man, kids fight all the time. How can that be bullying?"

"I saw the original post, and he said he went to the same school with Youngjae 2nd and 3rd year of high school. I already knew that Youngjae changed schools then, so I wondered if he was telling the truth."

"I really wonder why people make up these things."

"There was no formal evidence. Even the accuser said so. I knew he was lying."

"I wonder why JYP even listened to this guy."

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nini-8897 pts Wednesday, October 21, 2020 5
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

People who try to defame and ruin idols career by lying like this shouldn't be let off easily. I can't even imagine how youngjae must've felt when he heard about the accusations.


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Sue_E537 pts Wednesday, October 21, 2020 2
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

I still kind of wonder if this person is the one who has been stalking Youngjae online.


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