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An anonymous stylist says she had negative experiences while working with Irene on three separate occasions


In light of the recent controversy over Irene's rudeness, an anonymous stylist has left a comment that is gaining attention.

On October 22, there have been various captures of the comment left by a staff member working in the entertainment business that is spreading across various online communities and social media. 

The stylist who left the comment revealed her personal experience of Irene's rude actions and stated that she had worked with Irene a total of three times. The stylist stated that on all three occasions, she was left with a bad impression of her.

She stated she saw Irene use her finger to push one of the stylist's foreheads saying, "Do I even need to do this? How long do I need to stand here?"

She stated that the second time she came across Irene, two stylists were kneeling in front of Irene. While one stylist was tying Irene's shoes, the idol lost her balance and grabbed the stylist's hair to regain her balance while cursing.

The stylist who left the comments also mentioned that the staff members were frightened to the point that their faces would turn pale when told to go wake Irene up.

The stylist stated, "I don't know if this is a mere coincidence, but I met with her three times while I was working. Once was at the airport. She had her arms crossed and was cornering three staff members, including her manager and stylists. She was saying, 'Do I even need to do this? Do I need to stand here?' The manager told her she could sit, so she went to sit in the corner, but then she came back and pushed one of the stylists' in the forehead with her finger saying, 'I came to see if you're doing well or not.' When I saw that, I wondered what that person pushing another person's forehead would be like. I am still shocked. It felt like the people around her were already used to her wrongful actions and didn't care too much. I didn't want to come across that kind of person again, but then I met her a second time at a filming location. There were two stylists kneeling in front of her. The stylists were putting on her shoes when she lost balance. She cursed and grabbed one of the stylists' hair to regain her balance. That was the second time I was shocked. I thought the most comfortable way to put on one's shoes is to sit down in a chair and put them on themselves. The third time was when I saw a stylist who was told to wake up Irene, who fell asleep during the wait time. The stylist looked scared out of her mind that her face turned pale. It's as if she saw a ghost or something. Still, she was popular and successful. Now is it only a downward decline for her? I'm not a courageous person who can reveal my identity, nor do I have recorded proof of my claims. But I welcome her demise."

The stylist posted the hashtags 'psycho' and 'monster,' which were used in the previous post made by an editor. Although the stylist did not mention a specific name, many Korean netizens were able to realize who the post was about.

Many used the same hashtags to post more stories of their experience with the artist.

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tristanah3,821 pts Thursday, October 22, 2020 18
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Now is resulting that anyone can be an anonymous stylist that worked with Irene and share a "story". Why they don't make a syndicate to represent them. I wonder if any of them is willing to expose own identity. Irene is old in industry, why now and not years ago?


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Anubis33563,334 pts Thursday, October 22, 2020 0
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Like any other scandal: if there's a name, I could believe. If it's anonymous, it can be anything.



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