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Netizens react to YG Entertainment's new building that is 10 times larger than the previous building


YG Entertainment recently announced the completion of its new company building which is 10 times larger than the previous building. 

The company revealed that the building will be ready to have staff move in by the end of this year. YG Entertainment had been planning the construction of the new company building for a long time. Finally, the company staff, artists, and even the netizens will be able to see the completed building soon.

Since the announcement of YG Entertainment's building being completed, many netizens have taken interest in the subject. This is due to the controversies surrounding one of their former artists as well as their former CEO.

Many netizens have taken it to online communities to discuss and react to the opening of YG Entertainment's new building. There have been mixed feelings about the new building as some netizens compliment the building on its futuristic design, while others wonder where the company got the money to build such a large building.

Netizens' Commented:

"The building design is nice. It looks like a desktop computer or something."

"They had the money to build such a large building?"

"In my opinion, the building location isn't that good."

"Well YG Entertainment is still one of the top entertainment companies so they must still have money."

"I thought their old building was big but this building is huge. Now the old building doesn't look as big."
"To be honest, the building does look cool."

"I feel they might sell it since the situation isn't good with YG."

"There are so many mixed feelings about YG. lol."

"I mean of course they would have the money. They have BLACKPINK and TREASURE racking in the greens."

"Man, they don't even have that many executives anymore but they need a bigger building? I don't understand."

"Oh I just realized they built the building next to the old one."

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kalimilano1,625 pts Thursday, September 24, 2020 1
Thursday, September 24, 2020

Yes the new building is wonderful


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mariakurenai1,225 pts Thursday, September 24, 2020 0
Thursday, September 24, 2020

Just like winner seunghoon said , "YG's new building is being completed It's not an exaggeration to say that Big Bang sunbaenim built it. As for us, we will work hard to improve the welfare of YG employees who work in the building."

just because YG is up and down nowadays , They do still have money and rich because they are one of the big company for so many years. It's impossible the company will bankrupt just like that especially when YG artists are all talented not to mentioned bigbang and blackpink you cannot imagine how much money they got. the only difference between before and now they just don't have big profit like before they got the scandal , the article that people make about YG got a big loss that's about the profit they got Not about loss an entire money.



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